Embrace the Camera Thursday 6.21.12

It is H O T hot out there today!  What was supposed to be a beach day has turned into a sprinklers and cooling off in the A/C day!  Well…that is A…Mommy is watching her in the sprinklers and cleaning the house!  Oh the fun life of a SAHM.

Stay cool…Happy Thursday & welcome back Emily!  We hope you are enjoying your new home!!!


Painting 2.0

Last year, in July, we had A’s first outdoor painting experience.  This year we decided that our friend PD and A would do a little something special for their super Daddies!  Some things were different about this year’s painting session than last year.  The most noticeable difference was, I was being instructed on what colors I should put on their paper, and how much of each color…and also that they needed SPRINKLES!

The most similar part of the painting experience for Miss A was the body painting portion of the afternoon…

Last Year!

This Year!!!

The end result was nothing short of spectacular.  These girls are seriously creative and talented.  Their Daddies were certainly proud to have these one of a kind creations!

Happy Father’s Day

A and I want to wish Mister LK a very happy Father’s Day!  We thank you for being the best Daddy a little girl could dream of.  You are patient, understanding, loving, supportive, nurturing and a million other qualities that make you an absolutely amazing Dad.  We are very very lucky to have you.

We love you…happy Father’s Day…

and to my Dad (Grampa) …we hope you have a great day too!  We love you & can’t wait to see you soon!



Most days I feel like a terrible mother.  I am overwhelmed, exhausted, aggravated, irritated, and moody.  I feed her chicken nuggets or pizza because I know with certainty that she will eat it.  I also use the television and an arsenal of Disney movies as a babysitter since they are free and actual human babysitters are not.

While I know in my deepest part of me that none of those things listed above make me an actual bad mother, in the part of my brain where my intentions lie, I feel like a failure.  Oh yea, and this is my blog so I can vent about my failures, even if people reading think I’m crazy!  (secret…I am crazy)

I feel like A has taken control of my life, and in turn I have lost a very important part of myself.  The part that existed before I was A’s Mommy.  I love being creative and learning, and reading and being productive.  Now, the creativity is watching A color while I make sure the crayons or paint or pens or markers stay on the paper and not on my furniture.  The only thing I learn is about toddlers and their behavior and how the princess of the day falls in love.  My reading … well … there were 3 days of 50 Shades, but most of it is either a 5 page story or something about raising my toddler.  Being productive.  Yea…gone.  We’re stuck in the house if it is too hot, too cold, too cranky, too tired, too…well…anything really.  Especially now that potty training a 2 year old really means sprinting through your errands to make sure she doesn’t pee in the aisle of a store.  (sorry Kings Pharmacy)

Yesterday morning, as I started my day as usual, with A refusing to use the potty, insisting on cookies for breakfast, and demanding a “MOVIE MOMMY”.  By 8:30am I had had enough.    Then she told me she wanted to wear a diaper…and I thought I was going to throw her against a wall & jump off my roof.  Obviously she asked to go potty 10 minutes later and the diaper remained dry…oh this girl is testing me!

I decided that if we were sticking around the house, I was going to take back some power.  We officially unplugged today.  I am proud to say that we made it through the entire day with no movies or tv.  We painted, we read books, we played with her dollhouse, we danced, and she napped….really well actually.  There were a few tantrums about the movies…but we got through them.  I plan to keep the tv off for a few more days…we’ll see how it goes.

Some people will read this and think…”Wow…it’s about time she took the tv away” and they’ll be right…it is…but I do what works for us until it stops working.  It has officially stopped working…and so here we are!  Trying something new.  I’m showing A the side of Mommy that puts her foot down and doesn’t pick it up…

I am hoping the rain goes away, the sun comes back out & we end up here ASAP…

She’s way easier to handle on the beach!  A real beach baby!

Happy 1st Birthday Miss CJ!

The LKs want to wish our beautiful, amazing, miraculous, Miss CJ a very very happy birthday.  We hope you have a fantastic day and may your second year be even more amazing than your first!  You have come a long way Miss CJ and Auntie & Uncle LK & Cousin A love you so so so so much.  We are so proud of all of your accomplishments and can’t wait to see you grow into the beautiful toddler that will drive your Mommy and Daddy bananas!!!!!

We are sorry we missed your party but we love you and can’t wait to see you soon pretty girl!!!!!

hugs and a million kisses

the LKs, A, T & M

Gonna Get This POTTY Started…Right?!?!

If you know me, you know my theory on diapers vs. potty.  If you don’t know me, here’s the deal.  I think diapers are WAY easier than the potty.


  1. I’ve got a little girl, and maybe things are different for boys who can essentially find a clean place to pee anywhere…this is not the case for my little A who has to contend with disgusting public bathrooms wherever we go.  (Why are women’s bathrooms SO gross…)
  2. I can’t leave the house before she makes pee pee on the potty…that means I can’t leave the house when I’m ready.  I have to wait for HER….I’m not the patient type.
  3. An errand that used to take 5 minutes pre-baby, then took 1 hour with a diapered baby, now takes at least an hour and a half since we have to make at least 1 trip to aforementioned disgusting bathroom…this is costing me more money b/c an extra half an hour in Target means I buy more…don’t lie, you do too…
  4. These first few weeks, we’re stuck in the house or close to the house and it is driving me bananas!
  5. I already clean up pee and poop accidents from my dog…I don’t want to clean up more pee and poop than I already do.

So, last Friday Miss A decided that she would never again put on a diaper.  She has told me “no diaper” before, but this time was different.  This time when I told her that she could never wear a diaper again, she said ok and went to go pee pee in the potty.  She hasn’t turned back since.  Sure she’s had some accidents…like when she was hanging out naked playing in my car and she pooped, or when we visited our cousins and she pee’d on their floor and thought it was the funniest thing ever, or when she started to pee on the floor of the living room then realized and ran to the potty by herself, or when she went to the potty herself and forgot to pull down her undies!

Miss A, you are doing a fantastic job at potty training!  Mommy & Daddy are so so proud of you.  You have really made this process that Mommy was deading, not so terrible!  We might complain about being stuck home, but we are so happy that you feel confident enough to take on this challenge when you are ready!  It makes us very happy to know that when you are ready to do something, you go for it!  We are here for you, and don’t get discouraged by the accidents, you are doing wonderful.  Our sweet, smart, sassy, wonderful little girl….we love you more than all the sand on the beach!

Have you ever seen such an adorable potty girl?!?!

Any other mommies that are potty training, you can see in these photos some of our must have items for this endeavor.  We love the Baby Bjorn potty.  It has the least amount of parts to clean and keeps our new clean bathroom looking as un-babified as possible.  We also have been using Pampers Pull Ups for naptime and nights.  We call them “Princess Panties”…and I’m thanking my refusal to let her watch Dora the Explorer for the fact that she thinks that Dora is a princess!

We just bought a portable potty for beach, car, horrible gross bathroom trips…but we haven’t broken it out yet…we’ll see how that goes!



Embrace the Camera Thursday 6.7.12

Happy Thursday!

Just me and A, takin’ a ride on a boat!  It’s one of my favorite places to be…out on the ocean…A seems to love it too, but in this photo she is eyeing a cinnamon bun and just wanted the photo to be over!

I hope everyone’s Thursday is a great one & that everyone Embraces the Camera today!  There’s nothing like a potty training 2 year old to make you realize that these early years are flying by and how important it is to capture the moments you want to remember forever.

Wishing Emily & her family a great trip cross country and lots of luck in their new adventure!

Cupcakes To-Go…

Tomorrow is our last day of dance class.  Even though we haven’t been there in like a month due to a vacation and Miss A’s tendency to sleep in until 9am, fight me for 20 minutes to change her diaper, insisting that she get a hot breakfast and then refusing to get dressed, making it IMPOSSIBLE to get to class 25 minutes away at 10am!  Like the true independent spirit that she is, she has decided it is time to be diaper free, so we have just saved 20 minutes off our pre-dance games, and come hell or high water, we WILL make it to the last dance class of the year!  I’m putting a wee wee pad in the carseat in case she refuses to make peepee in the potty before we have to go!  The class is having a farewell party & our contribution is thanks to this inspiration I found a while ago on Pinterest…

Since I am stuck in the house … or limited to things in a 10 minute radius from my house, I ran this morning to pick up a box of cake mix and get to assembling!  Here is what we came up with!!!

Miss A tried one … you know … to make sure they weren’t poisonous!

They weren’t!!!  I took a bite…it was yummy.  Girls…get excited :)


Happy Birthday Little JL :)

Dear JL,

We want to wish you a very happy 3rd birthday!  You’re handsome, adorable, sweet, loving & very very smart!  All the qualities I look for in a future suitor ;)  Thanks for spending the day with me at the Bronx zoo.  I had a really fun time & I can’t wait to have more play-dates with you!

Happy 3rd birthday and many many many more.  We hope all of your wishes come true today and everyday!


A & The LK Family

Young Love …

Ahh the early months of a relationship…all the rainbows and sunshine coming out of the ass of the one you love ;)  That sure is a glorious time…I remember it well!

We vacationed with one of our best friends DF & his girlfriend HB.  Can we just discuss for a second how stinkin’ adorable they are?

It’s no secret that I’ve been pretty nervous about who DF would bring home to meet his friend family.  What if I couldn’t stand her?  What if she couldn’t stand us?  What if she didn’t mesh with our group?  How much further from the truth could those fears be?!?!  This girl is amazing.  Now not only does HE love her, but so do I…and most importantly…Miss A adores her.

She’s a great girl and we had a great vacation with her!  It was so nice to see how happy she makes our friend.  It also reminded me of the early days for me and the Mister…before this amazing baby girl came into our lives and threw us into the whirlwind we call parenting!

Another type of young love.  Our love for this little sassy pants.  2 has brought on a whole new world of tantrums when she can’t control her emotions, and we’re working on getting that under better control…but wow this young love is way more stressful than the one these 2 lovebirds have goin’ on ;)

Good job Miss HB on 2 weeks smoke free!  We are so proud of you!