10 M<3nths of Love…

Second child syndrome people.  It is real!  At least this kid isn’t going to lack pictures of himself when he’s older…that I can promise!  There’s no excuse why it has taken me so long to get these photos ready to be posted…except maybe to say that I am in denial that my baby boy is 10 months old!  I don’t want to admit I teared up at the doctor visit when I had to schedule his 1 year appointment!



This boy radiates love.  He is a sweet soul who loves to play and most specifically play in water…so what if it is toilet water!  It is a job to keep him out of the damn toilets!  Baby D had his doctor’s appointment this month and weighed in at a whopping 19lbs 15oz (25%) and a string beany 29 1/4″ (50%).  He had some shots, and also had blood taken from his little finger!  2 vials….from his little tiny finger!  He took his shots like a man with no tears, but made up for it with the finger squeezing screaming!

His favorite activity of the month is the unassisted stand.  He crawls into the middle of the room and just stands right up!  If he’s wearing a loose fitting shirt, he also will lift it above his head and play peekaboo!  It’s pretty adorable!

D22414-1wmHe is still doing a mix of fighting off and grabbing at his BFF T.  These boys have some sort of camaraderie!  It’s like they know they are bound by some sort of man code.  I’m just hoping that T’s aggressive tendencies don’t rub off on my sweet boy!

D22414-2wmFavorite toy this month (and every month really) is the remote.  He’s got remote radar, which is only slightly more adept than his phone radar.  He actually hid one of the phones in the playroom under the couch cushion for while I searched & then went to unbury it 2 days later!

D22414-3wmAll in all these last 10 months with my baby boy have been wonderful & I am riddled with conflict over whether I’m happy or devastated that he is getting so big so quickly.  A Mom’s dilemma.

Baby D….stay my baby please.  Always know that I love you more than life itself.  You are a dream come true & make Mommy & Daddy proud of you every day.  Keep sweet my baby.  Mommy will try to be on time next month!