The host of the site that used to have the weekly Embrace the Camera link ups has stopped hosting the weekly parties….and so I’ve fallen off the wagon….which I don’t really like!  I’m trying to take the photos – I just seem to have many of them on my phone where no one will ever see them!

Miss A & Baby D….Here are a whole bunch of shots of you guys with your Mommy….who loves you VERY much!

photo (64)

photo (65)

photo (66)

photo (67)

photo (68)

photo (69)

photo (70)

photo (71)


photo (73)

photo (74)


photo (75)


That’s me catching up on the last who know how many weeks!  I’m going to try harder to get in a photo every Thursday….

Now I’m off to get Miss A ready for her last day of camp…sad sad sad day over here.


In Times of War…

You dress in your teams colors!!!!! (she FINALLY wore the shorts I love….as a favor to me!!!!!!)


All my fellow campers out there, who didn’t LOVE Color War!?!?!  Miss A is on the blue team with all of her little friends and they are so stinkin’ cute.  This girl has never worn blue so many days in a row in her life.  She’s dedicated though…she picks out something blue every morning.  I actually had to do laundry 3 times since the start of color war less than a week ago to make sure she had enough blue things to wear…since it is normally a color that she will refuse!

A1I guess it was better than her being on the green team and I would have had to buy her new clothes!!!

I can’t believe Thursday is her last day.  This mommy is really sad about that.  These Gummy Bears have made Miss A’s summer the best one yet.  (well….except for maybe that first summer of her life when she was carted around, sleeping all day, hanging with the family and living life the relaxed way…as an infant!)  They have the cutest group and she is going to be so sad to not get to see her friends every day.  Not to mention….I HAVE TO ENTERTAIN HER until school starts!!!!  All day!!!!  Baby D better be ready for a little torture!!!!

Beach….here we come 🙂


Family Beach Evening…

We unexpectedly had to cancel our plans to head to CT for our friend’s bachelor party this weekend, and while we did miss all the fun with our friends, we did get to have a wonderful LK family night here in Long Beach.  We had dinner at the “Shoregasboard” followed by a fun golden hour photo shoot on the beach!  It was Baby D’s first beach experience!

This is what he thought of the sand…



He was a little unsure at first….but we didn’t really stick him in the sand too much!  He had lots of layers underneath him!  Once he got used to the tiny bit of sand he had between his adorable toes…he started to really have some fun!

Daddy & D2

Daddy & D

D6But if we’re talking about fun…I’m pretty sure Miss A takes the cake on fun!




A & Daddy Air4

A & Daddy Air3

A & Daddy Air2

A & Daddy Air1


A & Daddy Air5




A15She was loving the beach…as long as we didn’t make her go in the ocean!

I was also able to get these 2 kids together!  They are really stinkin’ adorable!  If you’ve never snuggled with them….well I’m just sorry for you because they are just the yummiest babies ever!  Even when Miss A is being difficult…she’s just smushy.  I love them both more than I could even describe.







So even though our weekend took an unexpected turn….we still made the best of it & had a wonderful time!  Sorry we missed the party boys…we do love you tons!



4 Months Happy…

Holy Happy Baby!!!

What do I do with this FACE????

He’s so smiley!  He still sleeps like an angel & is content wherever we are.  He might look like his Daddy, but his demeanor is all his Mommy!!! (hehe wink wink*)

Our most recent 4 month checkup had him at 14lbs 12oz, and 25.5″ tall.  He was talking away and smiling throughout his appointment!  He got a clean bill of health & Dr H confirmed that he’s a talker!  Just what we need around here…another talker!  He is still doing best on 6oz every 3 hours.  When we play with his food he gets all thrown off and sleeps too long or vomits or is just generally off his game.  If it aint’ broke, don’t fix it!  His major milestone was finding his toes!  He even got them into his mouth!  We just retired his PJ gowns since there’s really not been a reason to keep him in easy access PJs since he sleeps through the night.  He’s in PJs with feet now!  He’s also outgrown the beloved Puj tub…about 2 months before his sister did!  He’s moved on to the Boon Naked bath.  As long as the water is warm/hot….he’s cool!  He’s overall, just a happy little baby who lights up my life & makes this family complete!

D71_2574He is still obsessed with putting those hands in his mouth, and is ridiculously drooly!!!!






Baby D is just plain happy…and I’m soaking it all in…

d4I love you Baby D….my little man….I love watching you grow but PLEASE stay a baby as long as possible!!!!  (Not an adult baby though….that’s proven bad)



Easy Peasy…NJ Summer 2013

Sometimes…the light is perfect, the subjects are perfect, and everyone is having fun!  Luckily for me, many of those times happen when these gorgeous kids are around me.  They making this photography thing easy, peasy…

S modeling




A & S



This weekend, Mister LK was left alone with both my kids!  He got rave reviews from everyone I had spying on him (not concerned about their welfare…just their wardrobe!)

When I met up with them at Grandpa’s house, everyone was happy and full of energy.  Even though Miss A slept in the same room as Cousins S & A…which likely meant, not too much sleep for my girl, it wasn’t until late in the day that we lost our smiles!,  And as usual for my little man, Baby D was smiley & cuddly!  Cousin S is a ham in front of the camera…and I even got to get a few shots of the “missing link”…(that is Cousin J who rarely sees natural daylight!)

H, S, H, J, G


S silly face


I throwing J

A, G, H, J


Js rolls2

S & Grandpa

Js rolls

J & H

Grandpa & S

Gma & S


A A & GmaThis is who I get to make out with every day…don’t be jealous (you won’t be able to help it!)








D4Love these kids!  Even if NJ is a lifetime drive away….I’m looking forward to them coming home soon!