My Girl Turns 4…

Dear Miss A,

My sweet pickle.  You turned 4 today…and you haven’t missed a day of amazing me.  You’re sassy, you’re smart, you’re one of the funniest people I’ve ever known.  I love you more everyday.  You are an amazing big sister.  Baby D is so lucky to have you to teach him everything you know.  Daddy & I are so incredibly proud of you.

Birthday Photoshoot

Some fun facts about you…

You love:  Your blankie…still.  You also love make believe.  You have a wild imagination and will keep yourself occupied with your imaginative play for hours.  You love playing house with your cousins & someone is always given the part of “sweetie”.  Sometimes you like to play a puppy or a kitty.  You also love movies.  Today it’s a tie between “Cinderella: Dreams Come True” & “Cinderella: A Twist In Time”.  You just ended your “Alice In Wonderland” phase.  You are definitely a normal 4 year old and love Frozen.  Your rendition of “Let It Go” is very dramatic!  Your favorite TV show is “Sheriff Callie” & I love when you sing that song!  You love broadway & going to shows with Grandma I.  You love coloring.  You don’t mind if it is a coloring book or a blank paper.  You love to play the music loud & just dance around the house.  You use your scooter to get all around the house…sometimes I think you forget you can walk without wheels!  We can’t wait to see what you can do on your new skates! (thanks Grandma M!)  You love school.  You want to go to dance class…which IS happening this summer!  The weather is now getting warmer, and you are psyched to get out of your tights & leggings and wear your dresses & skirts like a real spring baby!  You have a wacky, cool, eclectic fashion sense that sometimes means you leave the house looking like a maniac & other times a fashion model!  You love taking pictures with my camera & you are really really good.  You love dessert but you also love to tell me the danger of sugary things for your teeth!

Birthday Photoshoot

You are the happiest girl.  Until you’re not.  You talk about your tantrums as “freaking out” and you need some hugs to get yourself calmed down.  Once you calm down…you are sweet a sugar again.   Sometimes we get frustrated, and we have to understand that you do too!  You really hate when we interrupt you…and you respond much better to active listening!

No matter what happens in this crazy life Miss A…Daddy, Baby D & I love you more than you can ever imagine.  We can’t wait to see where this life takes you brave girl…watching you live life is such a privilege & an honor.

Here you are on your 4th birthday Miss A….more beautiful than ever.  and standing in the classic “Grandma” pose….something my Grandma that you are named after perfected.  I know you’re making her beam with pride up above the clouds!


D71_8602wmI love you my sweet girl…more than all the sand at the beach and all the stars in the sky.  Keep shining.  Happy happy happiest birthday.



** To see the last 3 birthdays & how we’ve felt about this little lady….check out Year 3, Year 2, Year 1!



Baby D Turns 1…and I Cry…

That’s a lie.  He’s still my baby, and he’ll always be my baby.  Future wife…I promise this will not make him a momma’s boy, just a boy who loves his Mommy.  Even if he refuses to say “Mommy”.


Dear Baby D,

You and I have been through a lot together.  We survived the storm, we survived Staten Island, we moved back home, we kept Miss A from drowning you, we made it through months of constant kisses from you fur-brother, we tackled Disney with you attached to me, we walked countless hours around town together, we’ve had dirty diaper blowouts, vomit in my hair, my hair in your mouth and my heart in  your hands.  Your happiness is contagious.  Your smile lights up the room.  You brighten everyone’s day.  I never imagined I could love another baby as much as I love Miss A, but you’ve proven that I have more love inside of me than I knew I could ever feel.  You make me proud every day.  You have made this family a better one by simply being you.  My silly, independent, strong, curious, content boy.  My heart could burst with happiness when I think of how lucky we are to have you.  You have been a pleasure since you came into our lives.  I know that as you grow you will be less and less my baby boy.  You will test your limits and struggle to communicate and learn what it means to be frustrated.  I will miss this year I had you as my baby to snuggle and my buddy on all of my outings…but I am really excited for you to teach me more about this raising a boy thing I’m doing!  Keep growing little man, and never lose that sweetness you have.  I hope that this year brings you everything you never knew you wanted, because if it brings you all of the things you DO want, then we need to buy new phones & replace our remote controls!

With all of my love from now until forever…more than all the sand on the beach…



Cousin H turns 1!

Wishing our nephew and cousin H the very happiest 1st birthday.  It is amazing how fast this year flew by.  You are a sweet, sweet boy and my absolute proof that sweet can come from sour…that there’s a little bit of good in each and every one of us, and most of all, that it is so nice to be the parent of a kid like me!  (and you)!

I love you so much little man.

A kissing HA


h 1


What I Had Been Missing…

Saturday I turned 33.  I always love my birthday, but its so much better to turn a year older when you have a newborn.  It’s even better than that to turn a year older when you have a newborn with a nurse at home watching that newborn & a Mom who is watching your toddler so that you can go out to dinner with your Mister!  Thanks Nurse C & Grandma!!!!

Mister LK took me out to a fancy dinner at Park Avenue Spring.  It was very delish.  I am NEVER the one to take pictures of my food, however, when you have been pregnant for 10 months, get to go out to dinner and order everything you haven’t been able to eat in the appetizer course…that is something to be remembered!

photo (45)

Check it…Raw tuna, raw honey, blue cheese & the real deal caesar salad!



This pic was meant to be of Mister LK licking the plate (halibut with truffles & a brioche encrusted egg)….but my iphone was too slow 😉

This birthday was great…spent with people I love…followed by a baking party the next day for the little girl who makes life worth living…



33 is going to be a great year…I just know it!!!



Birthday Love For 2 of Our Favorites!

Cousin A… amaze us.  You are a strong, beautiful, funny, fearless little girl who makes us laugh every chance you get!  We love you so much and wish you the happiest 2nd birthday!  We can’t wait to celebrate with you & give you lots of hugs and kisses!!!!!

Auntie S2…you are a great friend and auntie!  We hope you have the best day with your little angel today and she makes this year even better than she made last year!  This mommy can’t wait to see you so so soon & I’ll make sure to pass on all the birthday hugs and kisses to you from the LK family!  Lots has changed around us since 1993, but there’s 1 thing that hasn’t….

Our friendship 🙂  We love you!!!!

Happy Birthday girls!!!

Love the LKSquared family!



My Boy…

Turned 9 today…and for that, I will excuse the fact that he peed in my mudroom…

Happy Birthday T.  I love you more than words can say…you are my baby boy & will always be!

I know life is different with Miss A around, but I hope all the food she gives you makes up for a little bit of the hell she puts you through!  She loves you too 🙂


Some Happy’s Before the Day is Over…

Happy Happy Birthday Uncle C.

You are a wonderful uncle and I love you so much.  You are so patient with me and with mommy always leaving me with you to run away!  Thank you for being the best uncle & loving me even when I’m bratty and ruin your vacation with my whining or wake you up with my screaming when you sleepover our house!


Niece A

Cousin Baby H,

Happy 1 month.  You’re the only boy I know that is a baby and whenever Mommy shows me your picture I say “oh he’s so KEY-YOU-T” (cute in A-ese).  I miss you very much and I hope I get to see you soon.


Cousin A

Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails…

I can’t wait to see what this boy is really made of!  He just keeps on getting cuter…

He’s got those little infant smiles that warm your heart…he’s got cheeks to die for and I don’t think they’ll shrink anytime soon since his appetite is ahhhhh-mazing.

Baby H came home on Friday.  Here is Florida they only keep you in the hospital 3 days after a c-section.  That seems like such a short amount of time to me!  I stayed for 5 days.  Auntie S has had lots of help at home so I think she’s doing great….and I know that Baby H is getting just as much attention, if not more at home than in the hospital…and he sure looks cute in his new duds!

And on Friday, Baby H finally got to meet his Auntie A!  This is her first time being an Auntie!!!  Very exciting 🙂

Sending a big Happy Birthday to another boy we love!

We hope you have an amazing day & that all of your wishes come true!

Lots of love today & everyday.


Happy 1st Birthday Miss CJ!

The LKs want to wish our beautiful, amazing, miraculous, Miss CJ a very very happy birthday.  We hope you have a fantastic day and may your second year be even more amazing than your first!  You have come a long way Miss CJ and Auntie & Uncle LK & Cousin A love you so so so so much.  We are so proud of all of your accomplishments and can’t wait to see you grow into the beautiful toddler that will drive your Mommy and Daddy bananas!!!!!

We are sorry we missed your party but we love you and can’t wait to see you soon pretty girl!!!!!

hugs and a million kisses

the LKs, A, T & M

Happy Birthday Little JL :)

Dear JL,

We want to wish you a very happy 3rd birthday!  You’re handsome, adorable, sweet, loving & very very smart!  All the qualities I look for in a future suitor 😉  Thanks for spending the day with me at the Bronx zoo.  I had a really fun time & I can’t wait to have more play-dates with you!

Happy 3rd birthday and many many many more.  We hope all of your wishes come true today and everyday!


A & The LK Family