Embracing 1 year old…4.21.11

I am not sure how this happened.  It feels like yesterday that I was staring at this tiny little baby thinking “I can’t believe you’re a girl!”  Today my baby A is 1.  She’s a toddler according to Babycenter.  According to me and her Daddy she will always be our baby.

Dear Baby A,

This year has been a lot of things.  You are an amazing little girl.  You make us laugh every day with your sweet, funny, strong will.  You know exactly what you want and will find a way to get it every time.  You have a spirit that shines so brightly, you light up every room you walk into.  We can’t imagine life without your sweet laugh….we could probably do without that shrill screamy thing you do, but if we have to have that noise to have you here….we’ll deal!  You have made this year the best year of our lives.  Watching you grow from a tiny infant into a walking, babbling, curious, independent, crazy little girl is so emotional for me that I am actually going to cry all day today!  I now know why Gramma cried at our birthdays….part of it is happy tears, and part of it is this sadness that my baby is growing up!  We wish you the happiest birthday Baby A.  May all of your wishes come true & may you be the happiest girl in the world today and everyday of your life.  You are so loved by everyone in your life and today the day is yours.  I will enjoy teaching you to celebrate your birthday all month-long (or until May 4th because that is Mommy’s day  hehe)


Mommy, Daddy

Dear Baby A,

Happy Birthday to you!  We’re surprised at how much we love you.  Mommy & Daddy are pretty shocked at how we let you pull our fur, our ears, our tails & we don’t bite you!  Everyone is shocked that I don’t need a muzzle, but how would I give you all those kisses with a muzzle on!!??  We love you so much and hope you have a great birthday.


T & M

PS – Please drop some cake on the floor for me!  kthxloveya

1 year ago today. (Yea...Im not one of those girls who look fantastic in full makeup after giving birth...you try labor for 27 hours pushing for 3 and then a c-section and see how unpuffy you are!!!)

Our family @ 1 year

Birthday Girl!

14 thoughts on “Embracing 1 year old…4.21.11

  1. Toddler A,
    We love you and miss you and can’t wait to celebrate your belated birthday in a couple of weeks! (Mommy and R’s birthday as well!!) We will be sending you birthday love all day! Hugs and kisses
    A, R, and Toddler M

    p.s. Its totally freaking your mommy out that she has a toddler- so try to crawl or something today for her 🙂

  2. Amazing that our little niecemunchkin is already 1!!!! Happy Birthday, A! We love and miss you very much! Sending much love to the whole LK family 🙂

    <3, Auntie S2 and Uncle B

  3. aww….how it flies, right?! i’ve got two little boys that turn the big 1 next tuesday…how can this be? happy birthday sweet baby a….i LOVE the last picture!

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