Thank you Thank you Thank you Auntie S2’s Daddy!!!!!

I can edit my photos again!  And more…but I’m learning slowly!

Check out how much more awesome my blog will be once my photos look like I want them to!


My subject is beautiful….but the exposure a little off!

Seriously......this girl is my favorite ever.

I am forever grateful for Auntie S2’s Daddy (and her mommy too!).  First because without them….I wouldn’t have Auntie S2.  Which would be unacceptable.  Second, because when I have computer troubles, her Daddy is always there with the solution!  I can’t thank you enough!!!!  They were really good sports about A tearing up the office while we installed stuff too!  Oh….and their pup is really adorable….

Thank you for your generosity 🙂