Out With the Old…In With the New…(Refrigerator Edition)

Nostalgia played a major role in my obsession with this house.  There was something here when we walked in for that fateful Open House that reminded me of my Grandma’s house & I was overwhelmed by a need to live here.  At that time, I had only seen the living room & dining room.  When we then walked into the kitchen, I knew it was meant to be!  This might sound funny, considering the project that I am most looking forward to is gutting the kitchen & making it my own, however…remember…this IS NOT my Grandma’s house, it just has a similar feel to me.  The kitchen was once state of the art…in 1960.  The appliances are professional grade…like Julia Child.  In her prime & almost up until the end she was amazing…but likely in that last year, no one wanted her cooking 5 course meals!

Our refrigerator was born the same year that we were…and I was very sad to admit that she was really past her prime!  Occasionally the freezer side of her would defrost & we’d find a puddle at the base…and the fridge side, well it kept things “cool” but I’d say the temperature at its coldest ranged between 43-45 degrees.  Definitely NOT the ideal temperature for a fridge!  Luckily, the top shelf stayed cold (sometimes colder than the freezer) and A’s milk never soured…but her cheese sticks were certainly not as cold as they should have been!

This is a memorial blog post dedicated to our old Sub Zero 3211RFD

Front view - we put up the white boards to cover old family photo stickers the previous owner had up there

Ahh her fridge....no light, no door shelves, broken drawers...but it was those brown & beige drawers that I spent my childhood with!

And her freezer side...unless something was IN the ice basket, it probably wasn't 100% frozen!

Full view - her doors had lost their ability to stop opening unless they hit the cabinets to the right and left!

RIP old fridge, there’s a new lady in our life!

No photos, no dents, no scratches....no puddles!

Her door stops at the perfect angle without slamming into the cabinet, she lights up so I can see what is in there, her door holds just about everything I have...and her clear drawers will help me not loose produce for weeks!

Her freezer is freezing, organized, clean, and her ice tray is uncluttered!

I can't wait to go food shopping and fill her up!!!

Welcome to the family Miss BI-48S!  We hope you have as long a life as your predecessor!

While I loved opening the old fridge & thinking of Grandma’s house, I love opening the new one & eating cold, safe food more!

Back Breaking…

Yesterday I was wrestling my little darling on the floor to change her diaper and get some clothes on…so we could get breakfast in her, pack up the car, & get to dance class for our Halloween party!

Then I stood up.

Since then, I haven’t really been able to move quite right without being loaded up on Ibuprofen!

It seems that my baby girl has literally broken my back!  Or gave me a pulled muscle, but it sure feels broken!  The question is, how can I do the required “resting” when all she wants to do is…

Running as always!

We did make it to the party though…and we had so much fun!

The only spiderwebs allowed in my house!

Is that A??? Or Elmo???

Always wearing our tutu - shaking her maracas!!!


My Thoughts EXACTLY!!!!

Our great friend and A’s future MIL AG just posted this fantastic gem to her facebook & I thought that I would share it here for anyone who reads my blog.

I’ll warn you, there’s cursing in here, but I’m pretty real here on this blog, and today is one of the days I just feel like cursing a lot  little!

Good night!

Photo Albums…

Our friend E is really amazing at keeping up with her photo albums.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with this blog!

Back in the earlier part of the summer, E, PD, A & I took a girls trip to the Long Island Children’s Museum & I was the only one with a camera!  I have finally gotten around to tweaking the photos (since my camera is broken & all the photos need exposure adjusting!) & I will be printing the photos for E to put in her album.  I will continue to slowly load them to a photo book since I just can’t get my photo album act together!

These girls do a lot together…

Making music is just a little of their fun they have!

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Face

What should I do with this face???

I’d like to eat it.  Gobble it right up, like she’s gobbling up this apple!

This face is my reason for living.  She’s my dream come true.  My baby girl.  She is nutty, mischievous, nerve wracking, hilarious, genius & she’s all mine! (well – and her daddys)

If we win or not, this face makes everything worthwhile!  It is also the reason for this blog…so enjoy!

The Paper Mama

Cousin Love…

Lately, Miss A has been obsessed with her Cousin S.  She walks around the house screaming her name, she calls every red-headed person/Disney character SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, and she brings me the phone and tells me Phone…S…

Auntie H … here’s the pressure to bring her out to visit us once in a while……

Look how much fun these 2 have together!

Cousins playing piano

Look at those faces!!!

A loves her cousin SO MUCH!

Sass Is The New Black…

A is bringing back the “Sass” like it is the best thing since black clothing…yea, sliced bread is good too, but not as good as my black pants!

She’s been teething like CRAZY lately, and my sweet, funny girl went on a hiatus, while a devil took over her body!  We have 1 new tooth & 3 swollen areas on the gums.  The “I” teeth are terrible.  Every now and again, when the pain subsides (thank you Gd for Target infant tylenol cherry flavor – and thank you Gramma for buying every box in the store for A!) my sweet little girl comes out to play.  Then the drugs wear off and the Sass monster shows up!

Who needs to stay with their Mommy & Daddy when there’s a field to run away from them in????  Who cares about the tractors that are driving around or the “apple police” who won’t let you in their untouched aisles???  Not Miss Sassy A!

See – black looks good on everyone 🙂

Happy Friday!