Sass Is The New Black…

A is bringing back the “Sass” like it is the best thing since black clothing…yea, sliced bread is good too, but not as good as my black pants!

She’s been teething like CRAZY lately, and my sweet, funny girl went on a hiatus, while a devil took over her body!  We have 1 new tooth & 3 swollen areas on the gums.  The “I” teeth are terrible.  Every now and again, when the pain subsides (thank you Gd for Target infant tylenol cherry flavor – and thank you Gramma for buying every box in the store for A!) my sweet little girl comes out to play.  Then the drugs wear off and the Sass monster shows up!

Who needs to stay with their Mommy & Daddy when there’s a field to run away from them in????  Who cares about the tractors that are driving around or the “apple police” who won’t let you in their untouched aisles???  Not Miss Sassy A!

See – black looks good on everyone 🙂

Happy Friday!