2012…March Came In Like A Lamb & Went Out Like A Lion !

It’s not even that cold here, but compared to last week it is relatively frigid!  Last week was H O T up here…we went to the park with Cousins S & A, and of course Auntie H & Gramma too.  The girls had a blast as always, and shockingly, no one came home with a sunburn!

Apparently…these ballet flats are not meant for running around a park.  She was missing 1 shoe the entire time.  Pick your battles…

Oh the vomit wheel!  Gramma’s favorite park ride!

These girls adore each other…

How sweet do they look?!?!

And as Mister LK knows…its not a trip to the park in the hot weather without a visit from the Mr. Softee Man!

Who needs a spoon?!?!

Yes…it is down to 50 degrees from 80…and it feels freezing…but we’ve been super lucky with the weather this winter & I’m hoping our summer is equally as mild.  I’m not into sweating…

A And Her Dinosaur Tree…

A has a really amazing imagination.  She walks around all day singing and dancing to the music in her head.  She’s constantly having conversations about something with her stuffed toys and she’s always laughing at something!

The other day we were enjoying the weather on our front lawn and she was playing catch with me…

She was so happy!

She was on the hunt…

She was a little nervous…

She found something!!!!

Everyone…meet A’s neighbor…her dinosaur!

She was completely convinced that this was a dinosaur.  She kept saying “Mommy Mommy…look dinosaur!!!” It was so freakin’ adorable.  She wouldn’t touch it until I did…and when she did she said “Nice dinosaur!”  They are now friends 🙂


Who’s The Boss?

Around here?  A is.  Hands down, no questions asked, unequivocably, A is the master of our universe.  At least that is what she believes with every ounce of her being!  She is usually executing some type of command on me at home, or out, or anywhere she wants really, but she up’d her game recently when we visited Mister LK at his office.  She took her bossiness to a whole new level!

Auntie Sh + J 4Eva

Auntie Sh got engaged last week & we got to see the main event!  We went to the Bryant Park Grill to wait with the family & watch…then have a nice lunch!  A entertained many restaurant patrons that day by running from table to table giving them a singing and dancing show!  I wish I had gotten that on video…but I didn’t and she’ll have to rely on my memory for this one! (So I’m documenting it here!)

Auntie Sh + J look very happy & we wish them the best of everything!

Blondes DO Have Lots Of Fun!

The weather has been really amazing…and there has been no excuse not to get outside and to the park lately.  Going with friends is always better!  Our friend O came with us last week & we had a blast!  Check out this blonde, blue eyed lady!

I love this girl's brooding face!!!

A had a blast at the park with O…thanks for spending the day with us!

Embrace the Camera Thursday 3.22.12

Happy Thursday 🙂

I do love my little munchkin!  She gives the best kisses!

Now…for all the Mommies out there that are readers and not faint of heart…go out and get (an electronic copy) of Fifty Shades of Grey.  Make sure you have lots of things to entertain your kids with, for you will need about 3-4 days to get through the series.  If you’re like me…or my friends…or any woman I know really…

Be ready to blush.  A lot.  But the story is addictive…

If you are a relative of mine…don’t read the book…please.

Have a wonderful Thursday!  We are off to see our wonderful friends the R’s today…can’t wait to come back with pictures!

The Power of Prayer…

What do you think a 22 month old prays for?

Maybe she’s praying for longer hair so she looks more like a girl!

I’m praying for patience!  Apparently and NOT surprisingly, she was a real angel with Grandma and Auntie H this weekend.  Playing nicely, being funny, letting them change her diaper without kicking them in the face…you know…all the behaviors she saves for everyone EXCEPT her Mommy.

She just thinks it is funny to torture me!  It’s ok though…I love her anyway…and I hope she is praying for that long hair AND my sanity!

So Hard To Say Goodbye…

Our last day in Buffalo Grove was a beautiful day!  Very different than our first freezing windy day, it was sunny and warm and the perfect day to play in the grass!  And that is exactly what we did!

Auntie E is always making A laugh!

Silly Auntie!

Auntie E's friend CB came to play with her some JB too! Here she is playing pretend with A...she's a kitten & A is not sure how she feels about that!

Best Friends

Everyone wants to wear A's hat!

Sharing!!! Gold Star for A !

A really enjoyed playing with JB!

A loves her Uncle C!

Giving goodbye hugs to CB! See ya in Michigan 🙂

Sweet kids! When they want to be 😉

Amazing ladies!

Thanks for a great weekend!!!!

Thanks again to the B family for a wonderful trip!  We hope we see you again very soon!  In Long Beach or Chicago…it will certainly be a great time!

Sending you lots and lots of love 🙂