Why I Love Vacation…

Because it is amazing!  It is 9am and I woke up to silence!  I get to be on vacation with one of my best friends & stay up late drinking and talking.  There’s nothing better….**Except you Mister LK…vacationing with you is just as good…in Bali…(haha)** Thank you AG for making my girls weekend the best!

Thank you to my dad for letting us stay is his beautiful apartment.  Without a 2 year old it is so easy to keep clean and not worry anything will be broken!  Thanks for all the travel recommendations here & we will be going to the beach today!

I want to wish a happy anniversary from afar to our friends the PH’s….I had so much fun taking these pictures & I hope you guys had as much fun being in them!




Home Is Where My Heart Is…

Home is definitely where my heart is, but vacation is where my sanity is 🙂  Our Islamorada trip was awesome.  Although vacationing WITH the 2 year old certainly makes it less relaxing than the old days, her cute bathing suited tushy and big hugs help remind us why we take her with us!  Although Grandma offered to watch her during the next vacation and we WILL be taking her up on that!

Day 1:  We hung by the pool!  (Be prepared to see most of our activities revolve around hanging by the pool!)



HB had the best handstand….hands down….

Day 2:

We did a little impromtu maternity shoot with Auntie S.  As mentioned, I’m without my camera BFF, but we made it work with what we had!  I think she’s beautiful.  We also went out to dinner at Islamorada Fish Company.  We always like the atmosphere…and my dinner was great!

More to come!

So Hard To Say Goodbye…

Our last day in Buffalo Grove was a beautiful day!  Very different than our first freezing windy day, it was sunny and warm and the perfect day to play in the grass!  And that is exactly what we did!

Auntie E is always making A laugh!

Silly Auntie!

Auntie E's friend CB came to play with her some JB too! Here she is playing pretend with A...she's a kitten & A is not sure how she feels about that!

Best Friends

Everyone wants to wear A's hat!

Sharing!!! Gold Star for A !

A really enjoyed playing with JB!

A loves her Uncle C!

Giving goodbye hugs to CB! See ya in Michigan 🙂

Sweet kids! When they want to be 😉

Amazing ladies!

Thanks for a great weekend!!!!

Thanks again to the B family for a wonderful trip!  We hope we see you again very soon!  In Long Beach or Chicago…it will certainly be a great time!

Sending you lots and lots of love 🙂

Go Speedracer GO!

The suburbs of Chi-town really have awesome grown up activities.  Everything seems to involved fun, food & drinks!  Last time we were in town we got to practice our Bocce skillz, and this time we got to race cars! Fine…they were Go Carts, but they were pretty cool (even though I sat on the sidelines and watched since I was carrying a 2 year old tantrum thrower!)  The consensus of everyone who raced was that Cousin B is a lunatic on the road and when you hear the screeching around the bed, it is him & beware!  He did win though.

Awesome family!

Doing the 1st place dance...for Cousin B!


oh these 3 boys...

A just hanging out...

more Aunt G love ❤

Go Mister LK!

Go Daddy Go!

1st Place & 3rd Place...good job boys!

Next up…Party at the pool & shuffleboard tables!

Blackhawks vs Rangers…A Family Outing!

Friday night the family packed into the rented minivan like sardines & headed into the city with the intention of meeting up with our friend and his son for some dinner (as pointed out later, they left it to the Jews to pick a BBQ joint on a Friday during lent … oops!)

What actually happened is we sat in the car for over 2 hours and went directly to the stadium & ate chicken fingers, fried and M&Ms for dinner…A was happy!

This was A’s first hockey game.  She is a real sports fan.  She got that from her Daddy!

A moment of quiet on the long car ride!

Courtesy of Auntie E's Netflix & my IPhone!

Uncle C teaching A about his favorite sport!

Silly Aunt G!

Watching with Daddy!

Daddy couldn't find A a cookie, but I found her a churro! She thought it was perfect!

Hanging in the hall with Cousin J

Thanks to our friend T for coming to hang out 🙂

Great time at the game!  Tomorrow…more fun with the family!

A Day In the Park … Windy City Style…

Day 1 was cold.  Really cold.  Especially since we left NY on a 70 degree day!  The sun was shining though, and we decided to take a family walk to the local park.  We took the dogs out & hit the pavement…got to the park…played…and A said it best…”I freezing Mommy”!

Didn’t mean she wanted to go home though!

Photo highlights of our time at the park in Buffalo Grove, IL

T was freezing and he chose to hang in the stroller for a while before coming out to play...

Daddy went down the slide...

Aunt G got in on the slide action too! A waited at the bottom cheering her on!

Uncle C worked puppy BB out a little bit!

Heading over to the basketball court now!

My kiddos...

My kiddos in action...A is always pulling T somewhere!

T watching the action on the tennis courts

Almost ready to join the party...

This worked on the courts...not so much in the kitchen!

Playground crew!

One last freezing swing before we leave!

LK girls, T & Cousin J

I love these 2 people more than ... A loves cake?!

Chicagoland Welcomes the LK Family…

This weekend we visited with some great family out in Chicago!  The trip overall was amazing!  They are great hosts and Aunt G is a real jewish mommy … which means we pretty much ate yummy food the entire time we were there.  Good for the yummy, not so good for the dress I have to wear to a wedding this weekend, still totally worth it!

We did have a little drama but that is for a different post!  We packed a whole lotta fun into the 1st day…so here are some highlights & things I’d like our family to remember about our Chicago Winter 2012 trip…

We started off our trip with some naked singing & dancing!

A fell in love with Aunt G from the moment her eyes opened in their living room...

Head over heels...some might say obsessed! It was beautiful!

A enjoyed a few quiet moments with puppy BB!

A had some close up time with Uncle L too!

Wouldn't be a weekend without some play-doh time!

My serious girl!

Fun with Uncle C in the yard!

Aunt & Nephew!

Seriously....obsessed with Aunt G....everytime she saw her she started laughing and smiling and glowing! It was magical...

That was only the first half of day 1!

Thanks to our very gracious family for hosting us & tolerating our crazy schedule, and embracing our nutty daughter!

Tomorrow…our afternoon in the park…which was really cold!



M showed us one of his favorite spots while we visited!  The ChooChoo!  It is a real old train that the kids can climb on and play!  He really loved it & A had a blast too!

This was just another little thing we did on our trip…lots more to come…and I’ll continue to thank the G’s for their hospitality, generosity & friendship.  We had so much fun!

Now that we’re back home, I hope that they get a full night sleep since A won’t be waking them up crying for fishies at 430am!  Back at home, she might wake up, but since she’s in her own room now, she can figure it out on her own!  Mommy & Daddy are SLEEPING!!!!


Connecticut Continued….

We left off yesterday with some photos of us on the boat.  The boat was great, and we all (except DR b/c she has a little baby in her belly & our Dr. told her she should stay away from lake water!) took a nice swim in the lake.  It was the first time I’d been in a lake since I was about 12!

After our swim…JR went waterskiing to show us how it’s done & then it was Mister LK’s turn & Auntie E….this was fantastic!  I will not waterski.  So that is why I am not photographed trying!

Mister LK getting ready...

now say ONE...but just the Wha part - b/c before the N part came this!

He tried 3 times….and each time got a little better….but he wanted Auntie E to get a turn before lunch!  (what a good heart!)

Auntie E hanging out in the skiis


Hmmm....I don't think we got to Wha here....maybe just W! Great tries though Auntie E!!!

They were great sports.  Not me.  I stayed on the boat!

After lunch…we met…

The real spider(wo)man!

Then Mister LK & DR went to the grocery market with AJ while A, TJ, Auntie E & I played in the living room!

A played on the chair....


She got thrown on the couch...

She tried to hide in the pillows...

When we were tired out - we had a little IPad time!

When you have no soapy bubbles, IPad bubbles will work for a while!

Dinner was great!  But that meant that our last day there was coming up…

It rained all morning but in the early afternoon we got some sun & spent the rest of the day at the pool!  It was fabulous!

AJ looking handsome with his bucket!

Seriously, TJ is one of the coolest kids I know!

Cool & Handsome - and he knows it too!

Look alikes...

All the kids waiting to catch some bubbles!

Our amazing host & hostess!

Thanks so much to the R’s for inviting us for a fantastic weekend!  We had such a great time as always & we can’t wait to see you all again soon!


A Great Weekend in CT!

Connecticut.  A far away land, rarely visited by South Shore Long Islanders was invaded by the LK Family last weekend!  Our very generous friends the R’s invited us up to their summer house for the weekend and we had a blast!  It was so relaxing and certainly one of the most beautiful houses I have ever been to!

I will let some of my photos tell the story of our trip!

Our first morning waking up in the isolation of this beautiful lake house.

Beautiful House...

Tito and I hanging on the dock during our morning walk...

Daddy & A walking down to the quiet lake.

walking back to the house for breakfast!

Even though the afternoon was a little overcast, we still enjoyed a great afternoon on the boat!

You know it's gonna be a great ride with A is driving!

A little nap on Mommy for the boys!

So cool!

Handsome TJ! He loves the camera!

AJ plays hard to get, but I got him!


This love affair went on all weekend!


There are a ton more photos of this weekend, so we’ll be breaking it up a little!  Tomorrow we will see Mister LK & Auntie E waterNOTskiing.  Wish I had video!