Chicagoland Welcomes the LK Family…

This weekend we visited with some great family out in Chicago!  The trip overall was amazing!  They are great hosts and Aunt G is a real jewish mommy … which means we pretty much ate yummy food the entire time we were there.  Good for the yummy, not so good for the dress I have to wear to a wedding this weekend, still totally worth it!

We did have a little drama but that is for a different post!  We packed a whole lotta fun into the 1st day…so here are some highlights & things I’d like our family to remember about our Chicago Winter 2012 trip…

We started off our trip with some naked singing & dancing!

A fell in love with Aunt G from the moment her eyes opened in their living room...

Head over heels...some might say obsessed! It was beautiful!

A enjoyed a few quiet moments with puppy BB!

A had some close up time with Uncle L too!

Wouldn't be a weekend without some play-doh time!

My serious girl!

Fun with Uncle C in the yard!

Aunt & Nephew!

Seriously....obsessed with Aunt G....everytime she saw her she started laughing and smiling and glowing! It was magical...

That was only the first half of day 1!

Thanks to our very gracious family for hosting us & tolerating our crazy schedule, and embracing our nutty daughter!

Tomorrow…our afternoon in the park…which was really cold!


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