A Note to the LK Family (Guest Post From Auntie S2)

Dear LK and LK,

You are two of the strongest, bravest, most amazing human beings.  Ever. And as if we didn’t all know that already, you’ve both showed us yet again what it means to be an LK. I’m so, so proud of you.  And I’m so profoundly grateful for your safety.

As you tackle the challenges ahead I hope you both remember the following…

1. This is temporary.  It may be a really long temporary, but it is temporary nonetheless.
2. Your friends and (extended) family want to help.  And that desire won’t disappear in a few weeks, or a few months.  We’re in this with you for the long haul.
3. Be vocal. Tell us what you need.  Anything.  Just tell us. (And that includes telling us what you need in the way of emotional support)

I’m taking my cues from Mrs. LK, who by the way REALLY IS Super Woman. Mrs. LK is looking to the future right now.  So from this point forward I promise not to do any more “Oh my Gd”s or “I’m so sorry”s… Unless of course you need those again.  Instead, when we do our daily catch up, Mrs. LK, I promise to tell you about everyday and funny things… for example, I stood next to a man this evening with spray on hair.  Yes, you read that right. Spray on hair.

I love you guys.  It’s unusual that I can’t find the words for something… but I can’t find words to describe how grateful I am that all three of you are safe.  And the next time I see you, we’ll toast (with mocktails) to the future.

With all our love,

S2 and family

* Now this next part is for Miss A. So please help her out and read this part to her…

Dear Miss A,

I know these last few days have been a little strange.  After all, how often does everyone have a slumber party at Gramma’s house?  But here’s the deal:  You have the WORLD’S BEST Mommy and Daddy.  There will probably be some more slumber parties to come before things settle down.  Have fun with them.  You have two really independent parents, so this probably won’t happen again.

I also have a super-duper-top-secret secret to tell you.  Are you ready?  Shhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone!  Remember our pillow fort?  It’s magical!  Really, it is!  And when your house got dirty from the rain the pillow fort flew really fast all the way to my apartment to stay with me until your brand new big girl room is ready. CJ, Uncle B and I are taking good care of it for you.  It looks a little different now.  The colors and shapes on the pillows are different.  But it’s the same magical pillow fort!

I love and miss you a ton!  Take good care of Mom, Dad, T and M for me!


Auntie S2