A Wish For My Daughter…

Dear A,

Right now you are asleep, soundly napping in your crib.  You are such an amazing little girl & you are growing up so quickly.  I started this blog partly as a virtual baby book for you to look back on…a way to memorialize your milestones & let you look back on our life from my eyes!  As you are growing crazy fast, there are some things I want you to know that I wish for you.  You’ll find them along the way in this blog & I’ll try my hardest to make you see them all the time!

My wish for you today…is that you take your time & figure out who you really are.  I hope that when you grow up you are as confident in who you are as you can possibly be!  In this crazy world it is very easy to loose sight of who you are in an effort to please the people around you.  This is not an excuse for you to be or act irresponsibly or carelessly…this is something I want for you so that you can be your best self.  I hope you take chances, risks, and pure leaps of faith, and that you balance that with careful thought and playing it safe.  I want you to have a full life.  I want you to surround yourself with people who love you for you…not who want to change you.

My beautiful baby girl....

I can’t believe you are growing up so fast.  If you could please try to slow it down, that would be ahhhhhmazing…for me!

Love you pretty girl…so so much.