Interview With…

I am the featured Mama on today!  I answered these questions a while ago, and I think it was a bad week since it definitely sounds like I want to kill A or myself, and the good news is that things around here have calmed down a LOT and even though A is very sick right now and cranky and snotty and a coughing mess, I am loving her like crazy and don’t want to quit my SAHM job!

This series is awesome, the questions are so thorough and I think it is so cool to read all the other mama’s answers.  The people interviewed are from all different places, ages, backgrounds and I think it is a great insight into motherhood.

She’s a friend of Auntie E & I’m happy to have participated!  I hope you check us out over there if you have some time!

A, even though you don’t sound like it in my interview, you’re a very well behaved girl who is spunky & funny & really really smart.  Mommy & Daddy love you more than anything!  (this morning nap you’re taking today is really awesome!)

Embrace the Camera Thursday 2.23.12

This Thursday we have a sick baby in the house…it is so sad when she tells me “Mommy check fever…A’s fever”  Doctor’s office…here we come!

Last week we celebrated Cousin S’s birthday with a party!  A was too busy running around to take a picture with her Mommy, but Cousin S was happy to jump into a photo with me!

Princess Cousin S … I can’t believe you’re 3!  We had the best time at your party & A still thinks we are celebrating S’s birthday!

We love you pretty girl!

Happy Birthday Auntie E!

Dear Auntie E,

I want to wish you a very happy birthday!  I hope you’re having a great time going to concerts & playing in the happiest place on earth.  I’m jealous of all the fun you’re having in Florida.  I miss you!  I can’t wait for you to come home so I can sing Happy Birthday to you in person!  I won’t let Mommy or Daddy sing…I have to do it by SELF!

You are an amazing Aunt and spoil me like crazy!  I’m a very lucky little girl to have you as my Auntie!

I hope all of your wishes come true…and I hope you wish for me to be on your vacation 😉


Miss A


M showed us one of his favorite spots while we visited!  The ChooChoo!  It is a real old train that the kids can climb on and play!  He really loved it & A had a blast too!

This was just another little thing we did on our trip…lots more to come…and I’ll continue to thank the G’s for their hospitality, generosity & friendship.  We had so much fun!

Now that we’re back home, I hope that they get a full night sleep since A won’t be waking them up crying for fishies at 430am!  Back at home, she might wake up, but since she’s in her own room now, she can figure it out on her own!  Mommy & Daddy are SLEEPING!!!!


Party Puker…

Mr. M’s party was cancelled due to some unexpected vomit.  It was his own…and it was not fun for his Mommy and Daddy.  A hasn’t gotten hit yet with the bug, and I’m hoping she doesn’t, but I imagine that to be nearly impossible, since most of the time we’ve been here she’s spent trying to bite him!  biting = germs IN the mouth.

We are sad we won’t be having the scheduled Yo Gabba Gabba party as planned, but we are happy we were able to come and celebrate M on his 2nd birthday!  We’ve had a ton of fun together!  The weather has been simply amazing (except today’s rain which is working for us since we are stuck inside).  A hasn’t worn her coat the whole time we’ve been here…it has been glorious!

I wish we could live here a little.  I love my house and my town and my life back at home, but there’s almost nothing better than hanging out with a great friend and just spending time lounging, doing the day to day together.  My husband is great, but he’s no replacement for a girl friend!  AG, this vacation has gone too quickly, and I’ve had a perfect trip.  Thank you for being the best hostess & for reminding me what it feels like to have a friend just be “there”.  Thank you RG for taking all the crap I’ve dealt to you this week.  You know I love you!  Your son is an amazing boy and you should both be very proud of the great job you’ve done raising him till 2…let me know if it gets easier k?!








Birthday Wishes For Mister M…

Dear Mister M,

We are so crazy happy that we can be hanging out with you on your special day!  It is crazy that you are 2 years old already!  You are an amazing little monkey…so smart…so funny…so sweet.  We love you so much little boy!  Thanks for bouncing away your birthday with us…and thanks for not showing Miss A how to climb up the big slide…that would have given her Mommy a heart attack!

May your life be full of bouncing, smiling, laughing, fun and partying!  May you keep your Daddy on his toes & let your Mommy rest a little!  And also…may you marry  Miss A 😉  Although, as was pointed out to us today…she’ll have a lot of competition!

Happy Birthday Mister M.  Thank you again for being such a good boy & thank your Mommy and Daddy for being amazing friends.

All our love,

the LK’s, A, T & M

The Anniversary of the Big Fight…

February 17th 2008…I woke up so angry at boyfriend LK.  We had spent the entire day before having a super romantic day of wine tasting, a magnificent dinner in the hamptons…dessert…and I woke up Sunday morning and was still a “girlfriend”.  The thought in my head was something like…”what a douchbag…he thinks I’m going to wait around forever…I don’t give a crap what plans we had today…I’m staying in bed all day and I really don’t want to see him right now…”  What I said was “I’m not getting up…go do your errands and I’ll see about getting ready”.

Then he started getting pushy…and forced me up and out to our scheduled museum visit.

UGH.  So.freaking.annoying.  So not in the mood for Optical Illusion and Pop Art.  I wanna go home and snuggle with T.  He loves me for sure…OMG he’s trying to talk to me…why won’t he get the idea that I don’t want to talk to him today…”read the signs right next to the art…they’ll explain everything”

and then…

There was no sign.  There was no pop art…but there must have been an optical illusion…because MY painting was hung up in the gallery…mine.  The one I painted for the boyfriend’s housewarming gift.  Huh?  How? Who? waitaesecond…..he said WHAT?????  WILL I MARRY HIM?????  (I really don’t even know if he said that…but I was shocked!)  All I could say then was “Are you kidding me???”

And some bad bad pictures.  I really was not photograph ready!  I didn’t even shower!  I didn’t want to get out of bed!!!!  UGH who’s the idiot now Miss LK?!?!

We have no pictures of the painting hung in the museum since Mister LK was so nervous he forgot his camera was in his coat!  But I don’t think that memory is going anywhere anytime soon!  And now it is in this blog…

Best fight I’ve ever had!

The Mister I always dreamed of.  The best partner in life.  My better half.

Thank you for giving me everything I ever dreamed of.  Even if I am mean to you sometimes 😉

Embrace the Camera Thursday 2.16.12

Happy Thursday from beautiful Winston-Salem, NC!

Does it look like we are excited to get there?!?!

The trip started out really nicely in the airport…we had a lovely and relaxing lunch in a sit down restaurant, courtesy of our super early arrival at the terminal.  No grab & go meal for us!  A requested “salad” for lunch & that is what she got!  The perfect way to travel…in my opinion!

Then it got rocky…and it was much confusion until US Airways combined our flight and the one after it!  We made it onto the plane & a very lovely woman was kind enough to give up her seat so that A could have her own seat.  This was a tiny plane and I’m not sure that we could have made it, even the 90 minute flight, with her on my lap!

A had a really great flight, and was being her silly self the whole time!  I think she knew that I needed a ETC photo  because she asked “Mommy I want picture Ava” & so we took some!  Here are some more!

and my favorite…

She’s been covering her whole face lately to emphasize her laughter and it is really the cutest thing!

Happy Thursday 🙂

Thank you to the G family for being awesome hosts!  We’re having the most fun hanging out with you guys 🙂  Looking forward to getting Daddy here tomorrow night!!