Interview With…

I am the featured Mama on today!  I answered these questions a while ago, and I think it was a bad week since it definitely sounds like I want to kill A or myself, and the good news is that things around here have calmed down a LOT and even though A is very sick right now and cranky and snotty and a coughing mess, I am loving her like crazy and don’t want to quit my SAHM job!

This series is awesome, the questions are so thorough and I think it is so cool to read all the other mama’s answers.  The people interviewed are from all different places, ages, backgrounds and I think it is a great insight into motherhood.

She’s a friend of Auntie E & I’m happy to have participated!  I hope you check us out over there if you have some time!

A, even though you don’t sound like it in my interview, you’re a very well behaved girl who is spunky & funny & really really smart.  Mommy & Daddy love you more than anything!  (this morning nap you’re taking today is really awesome!)

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