Embrace the Camera Thursday 10.28.10

Here we are…Thursday again!

We had A’s 6 month checkup today!  Everyone thinks my baby girl is a big pudge ball, but she’s not 🙂  Gramma guessed 16.8, Dad guessed 18.3, Auntie S guessed 18.  She’s 15.8!  Could be because she’s on a hunger strike and refuses to drink her bottle anymore!  She wants the sandwich!

She got a great report at the Dr….gained 5oz since our last visit, grew 1 inch (she’s “ABOVE AVERAGE” in height  YAY!), great strength, motor skills, and overall perfect!

Here’s a picture from our family trip to the Aquarium this past weekend.

Mommy loves Baby A!!!

More to come from our family weekend and sleepovers with Auntie S!


Embrance the Camera Thursday 10.21.10


I'm 6 Months Old

We missed last week b/c we were visiting with Auntie H and Baby A2, but this week we’re here to update everyone on A’s developments, which were plentiful this week!

On 10.13.10 she ate rice cereal for the first time!  We went over to Auntie H’s house very very early in the morning to eat, and since I literally got in the car with a sweatshirt over my pj’s, I didn’t remember the camera…but there are some photos on H’s camera and I’ll have to get my hands on those!  She did GREAT!  She eats like a pro!  SO good in fact, that she really wants to eat everything….anything really.  But we’re sticking to cereal for now.  This week she got oatmeal and she really loves it.  There’s a ton of “eeeeeeeeeeeuhgh” when the spoon isn’t getting to her mouth fast enough!

On 10.19.10 she had 3 other firsts…1.  FIRST TOOTH!!!  Her first tooth poked its little head out!  Its really not out far enough for novice’s to see, but we were in the park yesterday and another mother saw her smile and said “oooh she has the start of a tooth there!!” I was so proud 🙂  2.  FIRST BREADSTICK @ THE DINER!!!  We (Gramma, Auntie H, Cousin S, Baby A & I) probably go to the diner at least 4 times a week for lunch.  Poor A has had to watch us eat and sit patiently until we’re done playing with some plastic teething toy, or a spoon. Tuesday her world was changed!  We gave her a breadstick to teeth on….and she loved it!


3.  We went to the park and she went on the swings!  She thought it was great – even though it was freezing!

Mommy & A on the swings 6.19.10

Oh yea – and this….

A's gonna get you Elmo!

CRAWLING!!!!  My life is over…and hers has just begun!  She’s making her way to being able to get more than 2 inches at a time…but she’s learning quickly!  I can’t wait until we’re living in a ranch!  Hooray for no baby gates!

Me & The Beastie Boys….

All we really want is GIRLS!

I haven’t posted in the last few days, because I’ve been hanging out with this…


What a tushie!



Wooooooo whoo this car goes fast!



More boo boo peeeassseee!


S, Baby A & LKSquared had a SLEEPOVER PIZZA PARTY!!!!!  This nuthead was the best girl EVER.  We played, she had no tantrums, we ate pizza, danced, watched Annie/Nemo/Barney/WeeSing….and went to bed without a fight.  I am in love with this child and can’t get enough of her.  When she says my name I melt….and then this morning when she snuggled in bed with me I decided one day, I’m stealing her.  Sorry MeeMah.

Anywho – Baby A and Cousin S aren’t the only girls in the family anymore!!!!!  Auntie H had her new baby…and SURPRISE>>>>ITS A GIRL!!!!  I’m scared of boys…so I was really excited!  Here she is everyone…my amazing, beautiful, stunning neice.

Baby A2.


Sweet Sweet Baby A2



My beautiful neice A2



The girls got together to play the other day and watched Annie.  Cousin S is our family’s little Annie and has “tomorrow…tomorrow…I love ya tomorrow…you’re only a day awaaaayyyyy” down pat!  S is starting to let A play with her things more and they really love each other!  Here are some pics from their playdate 🙂


Cousin S reading to A & B


"Baby A...are you listening to me???"

Showing A where her belly button is!



Auntie H is probably having this new baby on Wednesday (Happy Birthday new baby &&&&&& Auntie S2!)  I’m really excited for this baby, but now I have a reason to be more excited….Cousin S, Baby A, Daddy and Mommy are having a…..PIZZA PARTYYYYYYY SLEEPOVER!!!  We’re getting the house all ready for this occasion.  We’re pretty excited!

Off to start the weekend!

Embrace the Camera Thursday 10.7.10

Its Thursday again 🙂  Its also 1 day past the day we were supposed to meet new baby cousin….but we’re waiting!  We can’t wait to meet you little one.

This photo is from this past weekend.  A was all dressed up in Michigan gear and at the bar to cheer them on!  She even sang a little of the fight song with Auntie E.  This photo shows one of her new favorite faces to make…its sort of a chipmunk face, but I think its absolutely adorable!


Mommy & A the chipmunk!



Uncle C, Auntie E & A....GO BLUE!


5 Months!

A turned 5 months on September 21st.  I just uploaded my pics so we’re a little late!

She’s really getting very good at sitting up.  She’s also getting way TOO good at moving around!  We’ve started walking every morning so she’s napping at least twice a day formally, in crib more than 20 minutes…and she gets some more naps in while we’re walking, while we’re driving, while we’re shopping…until I bother her by draping clothes over her to see how they’d fit!

Its gotten pretty cold here in the past few days, so we went shopping for some new fall clothes!  Daddy came with us and got to have some input…ie, I let him think he had some input and then chose whatever I liked!  I still really wish they made boy clothes in girl colors.  I’m not the biggest fan of the frills, princesses, flowers and stuff, but we managed to find lots of great stuff.  Not that we’re done yet.  We’re girls, we’re never done!

A was moving around like a nutball while I was trying to get her to take her 5 month picture, so we have a few from our little shoot.  Not so many with the full view of her shirt b/c she wouldn’t let me get many of those!

5 Months!

I'm a big girl!

"I don't wanna stay on the blankie!"

Auntie R…

Auntie R and I have been friends for as long as I can remember.  Her parents have a summer house across the street from where my grandparents lived, and where I spent pretty much 95% of my childhood.  We became friends and spent our summer days playing hopscotch, singing and dancing to Debbie Gibson, riding bikes, and on Saturdays Auntie S and I would get all dressed up in Auntie R’s dresses and shoes and Gramma would stuff those shoes with cotton balls and rubber band them to us so we could go to synagogue with her.  Really boggles my mind…we did this a LOT…why didn’t my mom send us to Gramma’s house with dresses and shoes???  We had them!  I guess she knew it would be a funny story for us to tell!  Thanks mom 🙂

Auntie R lived in the city during the school year so we only really saw her in the summers, but when we were old enough to drive, I saw her a lot more!  We had lots of fun, drama, craziness, and laughs.  We even made some trips to the loony bin!

Now Auntie R has 2 beautiful twins.  Cousins J & G.  They are adorable!

I will send A with pretty dresses and shoes that fit when she visits Auntie R on Saturdays 😉

Auntie R, Cousins J&G, Mommy & baby A @ baby naming brunch...really she was such a peanut.

Aunt D…

Aunt D loving on baby A!

Aunt D…b/c Auntie D sounds weird…redundant really, like ATM Machine…so we’ll just call her Aunt D.

We’re the epitome of opposites attract.  She has very long legs, mine are very short.  She has small boobies, mine are big.  She likes football, I like shopping.  BUT…we were both cheerleaders in HS.  Yep – we cheered…we were sorta pathetic, but hey…we were cheering for our other LK so we were passionate!  We’ve been friends since 6th grade and if I had to list all the crazy, stupid, funny, ridiculous, happy, sad and very scary things we’ve done and seen together, the internet would need more space.  Even though there were periods of time where our lives took us in different directions, our very strong bond with our Grandmas, Poppys and puppies is what ultimately brought our paths back together and now here’s a little bit of why Aunt D is awesome…

Aunt D is fun, she’s silly, she’s really energetic, and she’s gonna help teach A all the sports stuff she needs to know to make her Daddy proud!

She thinks A is a funny baby, and is one of the only other people so far who has seen her fishy kissy face, which she REFUSES to do now!  She makes me think twice before buying A ridiculous things when we’re shopping…apparently in my head $40 for a baby shirt is fine, Aunt D doesn’t agree!  She always has a BuyBuyBaby coupon for us to use and she has been the accomplice to a lot of unintentional shoplifting from BuyBuyBaby, and everywhere else I forget things on the bottom of the cart.  She gave me 75 hospital towels for my wedding shower which was one of my most appreciated gifts!  She thinks it’s funny that I think she’s normal…but my view of normal is pretty screwy 😉  She’s a great teacher to all her students, a great nanny to all her babies and puppies, and a great Aunt to baby A.

She has a dog, whose name is Lucifer….the only individual who is fully named here on our blog, b/c L doesn’t do Lucifer justice….she looks like a cow but acts like Naomi Campbell.

Aunt D is one of my best friends in the world and A loves her very much.