5 Months!

A turned 5 months on September 21st.  I just uploaded my pics so we’re a little late!

She’s really getting very good at sitting up.  She’s also getting way TOO good at moving around!  We’ve started walking every morning so she’s napping at least twice a day formally, in crib more than 20 minutes…and she gets some more naps in while we’re walking, while we’re driving, while we’re shopping…until I bother her by draping clothes over her to see how they’d fit!

Its gotten pretty cold here in the past few days, so we went shopping for some new fall clothes!  Daddy came with us and got to have some input…ie, I let him think he had some input and then chose whatever I liked!  I still really wish they made boy clothes in girl colors.  I’m not the biggest fan of the frills, princesses, flowers and stuff, but we managed to find lots of great stuff.  Not that we’re done yet.  We’re girls, we’re never done!

A was moving around like a nutball while I was trying to get her to take her 5 month picture, so we have a few from our little shoot.  Not so many with the full view of her shirt b/c she wouldn’t let me get many of those!

5 Months!

I'm a big girl!

"I don't wanna stay on the blankie!"