The girls got together to play the other day and watched Annie.  Cousin S is our family’s little Annie and has “tomorrow…tomorrow…I love ya tomorrow…you’re only a day awaaaayyyyy” down pat!  S is starting to let A play with her things more and they really love each other!  Here are some pics from their playdate 🙂


Cousin S reading to A & B


"Baby A...are you listening to me???"

Showing A where her belly button is!



Auntie H is probably having this new baby on Wednesday (Happy Birthday new baby &&&&&& Auntie S2!)  I’m really excited for this baby, but now I have a reason to be more excited….Cousin S, Baby A, Daddy and Mommy are having a…..PIZZA PARTYYYYYYY SLEEPOVER!!!  We’re getting the house all ready for this occasion.  We’re pretty excited!

Off to start the weekend!