Father of The Year…

Before the day ends…I’d like to wish my amazing husband and father of my kids, Mister LK, the happiest of father’s days.  If anyone deserves a day to celebrate you for all that you do as Daddy around here…you are the man.

On another note…don’t all father’s who have wives have father’s day, every day?

I do a lot around here….BUT….Mister LK does more for this family than I ever imagined a person could do.  I truly don’t know how he does it.  (Don’t let this go to your head honey – we didn’t make 42″ wide doors!!!)

This family is so lucky to have him.  We try to tell him as much as possible, but we’re usually so caught up in the day to day that we certainly don’t say it enough.  We love you Daddy and thank you for everything that you do to make sure this family stays happy, healthy, sane, and silly!





C5068151-F87E-4848-9F72-5B321DAC78A4There is nothing that you wouldn’t do for us and we know it.  I feel so lucky that my daughter gets to grow up with a Daddy like you, and I’m certain that my son is going to turn out perfect, just like his Daddy.  We love you more than any holiday could express.  We hope we make you as happy as you make us.

Now…Can you walk the dog, feed the cat, and take out the trash 😉  jk…you already took out the trash!




Happy Toddler = Happy Mommy

We recently got a phone call from our family therapist checking in on us.  I couldn’t believe it myself, but when I sat on my couch and thought about Miss A and what she has been up to lately, I actually said out loud….”She’s been really nice to me lately!”  With everything going on, I can now add to my list of things that are driving me crazy, a chronic cough and congestion, but I can almost positively take the chronically irrational toddler off that same list!  (knock on wood!)  We all have our moments here in the LK house, but we seem to have gotten into a routine that includes smiling and politeness and compromise!  I can’t express how nice it is to have fun instead of spending all our time in time-out!

This Valentine’s day, Miss A will spend having a party in school, while I am at the Dr getting a better look at this crazy cough.  Don’t be jealous!  I’ll be thinking about this smile all day long though 🙂

A on sled 2


Mister LK will be at work and he probably won’t even remember it is the hallmark holiday until he reads this!  But we love him & hope he’s having a great day!

A on Daddy 1


I hope the moody toddler part was the phase, and this happy girl is the more permanent version of my girl!  I’m sure she’s hoping the same thing about me!  It is really curious to think that at 8 months I have finally come out of my moodiness … when I’m the most uncomfortable I’ve been and I’ve been pretty sick and have I mentioned that I haven’t slept more than 3 hours in the last 3 days?!  I really hope I’m not jinxing myself here, and if I am, this post is coming down ASAP!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I hope you get to spend it with the one(s) you love!

Mommy &; A

Bye-Bye 2012…

We here at the LK house want to wish everyone a very happy New Year!  2012 brought a lot of things…a lot of wonderful things…and then a really terrible thing.  So in light of the recent months of 2012, Miss A, her Mommy & her Daddy would like to wish everyone a much improved 2013!

We had a wonderful night out with our amazing friends D&H.  Thank you for all the presents!!!  Thank you for sharing your New Years Eve with us!

Cheers to washing away all the mud & starting fresh!

A washing her arm

A washing her toesNow it is time for bed!  See ya next year!!!

Happy New Year!

Wishing our friends and family a happy, healthy, sweet new year!  We are looking forward to lots of new things here at the LK house and we can’t wait to share them with everyone we love!


Happy Father’s Day

A and I want to wish Mister LK a very happy Father’s Day!  We thank you for being the best Daddy a little girl could dream of.  You are patient, understanding, loving, supportive, nurturing and a million other qualities that make you an absolutely amazing Dad.  We are very very lucky to have you.

We love you…happy Father’s Day…

and to my Dad (Grampa) …we hope you have a great day too!  We love you & can’t wait to see you soon!


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mom’s I know.  Today you should be showered with all the love & praise you should get everyday, but probably don’t since there’s not much time in our regular days for that!

To all my mommy relatives & friends:  you’re amazing.  Each and every one of you has taught me so much and has helped me along this rocky path of mothering a toddler!  Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to you!

To my Grandma in heaven:  You were the most influential mother in my life & I thank you for being the tough, do it all, know it all, handle everything, love me like no one else could Grandma and best friend.  I miss you every single day.

To my Grandma here on earth:  You are so sweet and kind and tolerant.  You have patience like no other woman I know and I love you so much!

To my Mom:  I don’t think I would have made it to A’s 2nd birthday without you!  You’re the first place I go when I have questions, need to vent, need someone to laugh or cry with…you get A to listen like no one else, and seeing her smile when she sees you makes me so happy.  I hope you know how important you are to me and my family, on Mother’s Day & every day.  You have told me that motherhood is a thankless job, and even though you’re right…on most days…today I am thanking you.  For putting up with all the SH*T that my sisters and I put you through for all of these years, for all of the early years that I don’t even remember, and for all the future things you will help me through.  I can’t thank you enough.

2 Sweet, 1 Crafty Valentines!

I’ve never really listened to too much (any) Bob Marley, but thanks to Pinterest, I recently read a quote of his that really spoke to me…

See, Mister LK doesn’t believe in the Hallmark holiday of Vday…and it is not the most important holiday to me either…but that said, it is really nice to know the guy in your life is thinking of you!  I know I’m not perfect, and the Mister might not be either, but he is perfect to me.

Honey…don’t get the wrong idea…I still want the diamonds hehe 😉  But you are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for everything you do for me and our family.  I have an amazing life and I owe it all to you.  On Valentine’s Day & every other day of the year, I appreciate everything you are.  Thank you so much for the unexpected explosion of flowers at our front door yesterday!

the box was like 4 feet long!

After a surprise like that, A & I were inspired to make pretty things for some special people!  We were pretty limited in supplies, so these babies are limited editions, but we worked very hard on the ones we did make!

Happy Happy Valentine’s Day everyone…from the LK house to yours…we hope your day is filled with love, laughter, flowers, chocolates and anything else your hearts desire!

Signing off for a little while…we’re heading down to NC to visit the G Family & we can’t wait to see you all!!!



How We Brought In 2012…

We are a family that enjoys entertaining.  We love having people over here to have a meal, and just relax with our friends.  So of course hosting a New Years Eve dinner was a thought that came across our minds…then we remembered …

that’s the boss now.  She makes the rules.  So we asked her….Princess A…should we have a few people over to our house and order or make dinner and then put you to bed while we stay up with friends?  Or should we call our cousin P’s and see if we can go play with them at their house o’ fun?

I must admit, I wasn’t disappointed AT ALL with her decision!  It was a perfect way to spend NYE.  The kids babysat for A in the playroom & the adults got to sit and chat upstairs.  We played a little board game called “headbandz” and some other game that was funny too…Then we got A in PJs.

A is in love with her cousins.

R & B are some really great girls, but for my little nutjob….there’s a clear favorite….

check out the incognito hand holding going on here!

Cousin I likes to pretend that he is grossed out by all girls – including A…but he’s so lying & we know it 🙂

Thanks to the P family for having us over & making yummy bite sized dinner for us.  You guys are awesome!

Fun Family Hanukkah Party 2!

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With a little bit more time to plan, and with Mr. LK home to occupy A, I was able to do a little more crafting & decorating for our last night of Hanukkah party!  It was my first full on tablescape and I am pretty proud of how it came out!

Sparkly dreidel tree centerpiece tablescape

3D dreidel place cards

dreidel straws

Expect these sparkly dreidels to come out again year after year….SO time consuming!

We had lots of family & the cutest girls in the whole world!

Gramma & her 2 girls!

B, Sh & J


Cousin A2 dancing!!!

it’s not a party without a pinata!!!

A figured out the bat very quickly!

Candle #1 went to Miss A & her Daddy

Cousin S & Uncle LK getting candle #2 lit!

J had a turn!

Auntie Sh got one too!

Gramam’s turn!

Auntie H did her part too!

A real Hanukkah miracle at our house was AF petting Ty!


Happy 2012!

Ahhh…the first post of 2012!

Yesterday I resolved to find more balance in my life.  I also had a good talk with my friend about being positive & not letting this toddler-thing get the best of us.  Then this morning, like one of those “signs” you see people have on tv…this came to me in my blogreader.  Advice that seems so simple, but that is based on MY feelings! (and my friend’s!)

If you are a mother of young children & are reading this, or if you want to see what will motivate my 2012 fight against the depression of toddlermom…check THIS out.

I have never read her blog before, but she’s fantastic!  She’s got lots of kids & a great perspective.  If only she lived on Long Island and we could have playdates in real life!  I guess I’ll just settle for being a blog admirer!


We can do this A!

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a year of health, happiness & prosperity!