2 Sweet, 1 Crafty Valentines!

I’ve never really listened to too much (any) Bob Marley, but thanks to Pinterest, I recently read a quote of his that really spoke to me…

See, Mister LK doesn’t believe in the Hallmark holiday of Vday…and it is not the most important holiday to me either…but that said, it is really nice to know the guy in your life is thinking of you!  I know I’m not perfect, and the Mister might not be either, but he is perfect to me.

Honey…don’t get the wrong idea…I still want the diamonds hehe 😉  But you are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for everything you do for me and our family.  I have an amazing life and I owe it all to you.  On Valentine’s Day & every other day of the year, I appreciate everything you are.  Thank you so much for the unexpected explosion of flowers at our front door yesterday!

the box was like 4 feet long!

After a surprise like that, A & I were inspired to make pretty things for some special people!  We were pretty limited in supplies, so these babies are limited editions, but we worked very hard on the ones we did make!

Happy Happy Valentine’s Day everyone…from the LK house to yours…we hope your day is filled with love, laughter, flowers, chocolates and anything else your hearts desire!

Signing off for a little while…we’re heading down to NC to visit the G Family & we can’t wait to see you all!!!



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