Embrace the Camera Thursday 2.16.12

Happy Thursday from beautiful Winston-Salem, NC!

Does it look like we are excited to get there?!?!

The trip started out really nicely in the airport…we had a lovely and relaxing lunch in a sit down restaurant, courtesy of our super early arrival at the terminal.  No grab & go meal for us!  A requested “salad” for lunch & that is what she got!  The perfect way to travel…in my opinion!

Then it got rocky…and it was much confusion until US Airways combined our flight and the one after it!  We made it onto the plane & a very lovely woman was kind enough to give up her seat so that A could have her own seat.  This was a tiny plane and I’m not sure that we could have made it, even the 90 minute flight, with her on my lap!

A had a really great flight, and was being her silly self the whole time!  I think she knew that I needed a ETC photo  because she asked “Mommy I want picture Ava” & so we took some!  Here are some more!

and my favorite…

She’s been covering her whole face lately to emphasize her laughter and it is really the cutest thing!

Happy Thursday 🙂

Thank you to the G family for being awesome hosts!  We’re having the most fun hanging out with you guys 🙂  Looking forward to getting Daddy here tomorrow night!!

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