A Wish For My Daughter…

Dear A,

Right now you are asleep, soundly napping in your crib.  You are such an amazing little girl & you are growing up so quickly.  I started this blog partly as a virtual baby book for you to look back on…a way to memorialize your milestones & let you look back on our life from my eyes!  As you are growing crazy fast, there are some things I want you to know that I wish for you.  You’ll find them along the way in this blog & I’ll try my hardest to make you see them all the time!

My wish for you today…is that you take your time & figure out who you really are.  I hope that when you grow up you are as confident in who you are as you can possibly be!  In this crazy world it is very easy to loose sight of who you are in an effort to please the people around you.  This is not an excuse for you to be or act irresponsibly or carelessly…this is something I want for you so that you can be your best self.  I hope you take chances, risks, and pure leaps of faith, and that you balance that with careful thought and playing it safe.  I want you to have a full life.  I want you to surround yourself with people who love you for you…not who want to change you.

My beautiful baby girl....

I can’t believe you are growing up so fast.  If you could please try to slow it down, that would be ahhhhhmazing…for me!

Love you pretty girl…so so much.

Week of Thanks…Day 7

Well…my week of thanks is over, but I am pretty thankful all year long!  On the last day…I am most thankful for long weekends with my family!  This has been a pretty great weekend full of friends, fun & family.  Life is messy, complicated, busy, and ever changing…but I know that no matter what is going on outside of us, our little family is the most important thing to us.  I’m married to my best friend & although I sometimes doubt his sanity, he does keep me laughing!

Since last Thanksgiving, I’ve learned a lot about the people in my life & I’m thankful for all of them…for allowing me to see life from different perspectives, for showing me the importance of sincerity & kindness, for teaching me the importance of always being your truest self.

Next up…Hannukah & New Years!  Tis’ the season to be happy 🙂

Thanksgiving breakfast with Auntie S2, Uncle B, Baby CJ & Boo

A...eating the whole crudite platter...by herself

Little M was having the best time with the kitty cat!

TV Break with Auntie E!

The girls 🙂

When they're done ... a little Sesame Street till the adults are done!

Taking a drive together....

A & PD sitting by the bay...enjoying the beautiful weather!

This face…can set your mind off into a tailspin, making you forget your own name…but it can also make everything make sense in a second.  Nothing is right without this face…

Week of Thanks…Day 6

Today…I am thankful for 65 degree days in November, Clark Street park with PD, & her Daddy’s magic wine…oh yea, and yummy dinner…within walking distance!

Today was amazing.  We spent the first half of the day playing in the park with PD & the end of the day drinking RD’s magic wine & eating his delicious food with our friends.  The best part is that we were able to WALK to their house & WALK home!!!!  After such a feast, it felt good to walk home…and it might have been the wine, but the night was absolutely magnificent!  Perfect…Fall…Baby sleeping in the stroller weather!


Week of Thanks…Day 5

Today…I am thankful for Mister LK having the day off after Thanksgiving!  He’s been to the grocery store this morning, and is now cooking in the kitchen!  We don’t do Black Friday, since we both hate lines & masses of people…so we’re going to host all of the post Black Friday friends we have!

We are wishing all our friends who have been up all night lots of luck & some rest today – we’ll provide the food!

It is a beautiful day outside & I’m going to go outside & play with Miss A.  Until she remembers that Daddy is home & wants him instead 🙂

Week of Thanks…Day 4…the BIG DAY

Today…is the big day for thanks.  The thing I am most thankful for this year, is the defense mechanism of my child.  Her absolute adorableness, her sillyness, her big smile, her funny thoughts…anything and everything she does to make me laugh.

So thankful for that smile

our little princess!

I’m thankful for my husband who can make me see the funny moments of the day even when my head is clouded with memories of a screaming tantrum toddler!  I’m thankful for the family that we have made, in the house that I love.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Week of Thanks…Day 3

Today…I am thankful for my best friend.  The one that I can’t sleep without cuddling with.  The one that loves me more than anyone else in this world.  My first baby.  My son.  My bad bad best boy.  Even though he pushes me to the edge some days with his bad boy ways, I am so thankful for him.  A loves him so much and we couldn’t imagine life without him!



Week of Thanks…Day 2

Today…I am thankful for my mom.  She’s got the patience of a saint.  She has told us that motherhood is a thankless job…and she’s right, but I’d like to prove to her, even if it’s not as often as it should be, that I thank her for everything.

Miss A can’t wait to see her Gamma on Thursday!  She thanks her too for being the best Gamma!  There’s nothing she doesn’t give to my A & it does not go un-appreciated.

At the dinner pictured below, Gamma barely ate, because A decided that she wanted everything on Gamma’s plate.  String beans, mushrooms, chicken, and of course, cake.

We love you Gamma!

Week of Thanks…Day 1

Today…I am thankful for Netflix.  It is so much better than Hulu Plus.  You pay for both (by “you” I mean Auntie E), but only on Netflix can I watch without any commercials!  Thanks E!

I am also really thankful that we got to spend the weekend with 2 more sweet girls!

3 Girls that will make you thankful everyday!

Back to Work….

As I opened up my blog reader, I noticed that Mondays are difficult for most people.  Everyone hates a Monday.  Monday is back to work day.  I normally don’t feel this Monday pain, as everyday is a work day for me…but this week I had a very lovely vacation!  Grandma took A down to visit Auntie S & Mister LK and I had the week to ourselves!  It was glorious.  We went out to dinner with friends, stayed out past 10pm, celebrated the Mister’s birthday 5 different times, slept in & didn’t watch 1 single episode of Sesame Street or Yo Gabba Gabba!  My favorite things I did this week were spontaneously going out to dinner (I miss you spontenaity…you’ve been gone for so long!), and getting creative.

Dinner, Art, Cleaning, Organizing, Sleeping, Showering, Makeup, Hairdryer…..things of my “staycation”.

Today is my Monday…my back to work day…just instead of paperwork, filing, phonecalls & meetings…this is my work…

This week was really great being kid-free, but I miss that smile so much my heart is going to burst!!!!  I can’t wait to hear her laugh & get a giant hug & kiss from her!  I just hope she hugs & doesn’t hit!!!


Embrace the Camera Thursday 11.10.11

Miss A…you are far away from us, having a fun time in Florida with Grandma and Auntie S.  While you’re away, I am getting to do all of the things that I need/want to do that are so hard when you’re in tow!  I have been to Ikea, to the mall, out to lunch, out to dinner, the house is super clean, and by the time you get home, all the laundry will be done.  All of those things being done feels so good, but nothing will be better than seeing your pretty face running to me when I pick you up at the airport!  I miss your hugs.  I miss your laugh.  I miss your strong will & determined nature.  I love you every single minute of the day, even when you’re not here.  This vacation has been really relaxing so far, but I miss you like CRAZY.  Daddy and I just sit at night and talk about how much we miss you!

Pumpkin picking at City Hall

I can’t wait to have my whole family back 🙂  On Monday Grandma….I still have things to get done & parties to go to 🙂