Week of Thanks…Day 7

Well…my week of thanks is over, but I am pretty thankful all year long!  On the last day…I am most thankful for long weekends with my family!  This has been a pretty great weekend full of friends, fun & family.  Life is messy, complicated, busy, and ever changing…but I know that no matter what is going on outside of us, our little family is the most important thing to us.  I’m married to my best friend & although I sometimes doubt his sanity, he does keep me laughing!

Since last Thanksgiving, I’ve learned a lot about the people in my life & I’m thankful for all of them…for allowing me to see life from different perspectives, for showing me the importance of sincerity & kindness, for teaching me the importance of always being your truest self.

Next up…Hannukah & New Years!  Tis’ the season to be happy 🙂

Thanksgiving breakfast with Auntie S2, Uncle B, Baby CJ & Boo

A...eating the whole crudite platter...by herself

Little M was having the best time with the kitty cat!

TV Break with Auntie E!

The girls 🙂

When they're done ... a little Sesame Street till the adults are done!

Taking a drive together....

A & PD sitting by the bay...enjoying the beautiful weather!

This face…can set your mind off into a tailspin, making you forget your own name…but it can also make everything make sense in a second.  Nothing is right without this face…

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