Embrace the Camera Thursday 11.10.11

Miss A…you are far away from us, having a fun time in Florida with Grandma and Auntie S.  While you’re away, I am getting to do all of the things that I need/want to do that are so hard when you’re in tow!  I have been to Ikea, to the mall, out to lunch, out to dinner, the house is super clean, and by the time you get home, all the laundry will be done.  All of those things being done feels so good, but nothing will be better than seeing your pretty face running to me when I pick you up at the airport!  I miss your hugs.  I miss your laugh.  I miss your strong will & determined nature.  I love you every single minute of the day, even when you’re not here.  This vacation has been really relaxing so far, but I miss you like CRAZY.  Daddy and I just sit at night and talk about how much we miss you!

Pumpkin picking at City Hall

I can’t wait to have my whole family back 🙂  On Monday Grandma….I still have things to get done & parties to go to 🙂