All I’ve Ever Wanted…

In light of the fact that there are 4 amazingly important weddings coming up in the fall, 4 couples who I love enormously….I’d like to write a little something about how I feel about weddings.

I was never one of those girls who had “visions” of her wedding.  I had visions of a husband.  I had rules and deal breakers and must haves and must have nots.  I took my relationship experiences and learned a lot from each of them, familial and romantic.  I wanted a person who was perfect for me.  That…is all I ever wanted.


Weddings are to me, a super fun party where all the people you love come to celebrate the union of two people who are in love.  Nothing more than a party.  The things that people care about like flowers, table settings, colors, dresses, seating charts, food…it was all secondary to the fact that I would be marrying my best friend.  And in my case…he also had to love my best friend…


I loved the party planning, the venue hunting, the dress shopping, the inspiration photos…but in the end of the day…none of it made my wedding as special as this guy…

mister lkTo all of our friends and family getting all wedding ready…I hope you really enjoy your planning, but don’t lose sight of why you’re doing it all!  At the end of this, you’ll be married to your best friend.  It won’t always be easy.  It won’t always be as fun as you think it will be.  It will be as good as you make it.  You’re going to learn things about the other person that will make you like them less, but love them so much more.  It is work, but it feels a lot less like work when you know that you didn’t go into this disillusioned.  They are dealing with the same feelings about you.  You’re their best friend in the world.  You are partners.  You’re on the same side.  Colors and napkins and flowers…they mean some pretty pictures…marrying the one person that is perfect for you means a lifetime of happiness and security.

Thank you Mister LK for making our whole wedding planning super simple and non-stressful.  I can’t say the last 3.5 years have been stress-free…we have a crazy kid and one on the way…I’d be insane to call that stress-free!…but I can say that I would not have wanted to go through any of this with anyone else!  I love you so so so much.  You’re an amazing husband and the best dad I know.


I can’t wait to dance the fall away with all of our friends and family!


7 Months Moody…

Wow I’m in a bad mood!

When I was pregnant with Miss A I found that I was crazy irritable…like all the time…So as I get farther along with this mystery baby I am trying hard to be aware of my attitude and keep it in check.  Today…I was unsuccessful.  A big FAIL on today in the cranky department.  I certainly raised my voice more than I should have, and my patience was essentially non-existant.  I can only try to do better tomorrow.  I’m hoping that Mister LK goes out to get some Nyquil or Tylenol PM so that he can sleep … so that I can sleep … because I would like to believe that my moodiness today was the fault of about 2 hours total of sleep last night.  The Mister has a cold, and he couldn’t sleep….so I didn’t sleep either.  I need tonight to be better than last night.  I’ve got things to do tomorrow!

Miss A was a good sport for the most part today.  She tried to make me laugh at every turn.  She also used her toddler ways to drive me up a wall with the whining…I know she saw I was weak and was trying to break me.  She did a few times, I can’t lie.

Why can’t grown ups just act out their feelings wherever they are????

A on floor 1

I think I’d feel much better after a tantrum…toddler style!

Hoping for a better day tomorrow!!!