Baby D & His Crossbody Bag

Toddlers are known for their attachments to sacred transitional objects.  They drag blankies around, teddy bears, bunnies, puppies…you know, the regular things you see them toddling around with.  Then there’s Baby D.

20140508-16 copy

May072014_5139 copyThe kid loves his crossbody.  So much, I gave it to him and got myself a new one!  Mister LK thought he got off easy with the 2nd being a boy and all…too bad he likes expensive bags more than Miss A!!!



Coming Home-ish…

We have been home for a few days…and by home, I don’t mean back in our house, I mean we took this new little man out of the hospital to get him settled in with our new little family!  Miss A came with Mister LK to pick us up and she was a great big sister helper!  We had a nice quiet morning, got all checked out, took a ride on a wheelchair & into the car!  We came home and were greeted by Grandma, Auntie S, Cousin H, Auntie H, Cousins S & A, our fantastic Nurse C, and as always, our fur siblings T & M.

It was a full house to say the least!

D morning sleep in Mommy's bed

Hiding his face

A & D on bed

Getting D Dressed 1

D sleeping in take me home outfit

A sweet smile

D in his outfit

A with silly mouth face

A silly face

A kissing D

A & D smiling

A & D in the carBeing home has been wonderful!  Miss A is adjusting & we’re getting more and more settled every day!  Next goal is to get home, home.  Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes 🙂

B is for Boy…

We have a boy!  I never imagined I would ever have a boy…except for T…but I do!  And he pees a lot, just like T 🙂

Up until now, T was the cutest boy around, but Baby D is giving him a run for his money!


We had a lot of fun in the hospital, which I know sounds silly, but it is true!  We had visitors and Miss A got lots of presents from Baby D, and she gave dance lessons to all the nurses!  Now…I’m sure that anyone who was outside in the 70+ weather enjoyed their days as much as I did, but they didn’t get to spend their whole day with my children….so…..I win!  Tantrums and all 🙂

A giving PD a checkup

DD laughing

Dr A

H & E

H & HCan we just discuss what a happy and chilled out baby my nephew is.  I hope for my sister’s sake that he keeps this disposition (which he inherited from his Auntie LK)…and I hope for myself that Baby D is as happy and content as this little one!  His smile and laugh are really the best!

H & D

Grandma & D

Auntie S, H, Grandma & D

Miss A, Cousin S, Auntie H & Baby D

Cousin S & D

Miss A silly face

Cousin's hanging out in bed

Mommy and her babiesWe’re settling in now that we’re home.  Adjusting to life with 2.  Miss A is getting more and more used to this arrangement every day.  Hoping to get some more photos up tomorrow!

Happy Toddler = Happy Mommy

We recently got a phone call from our family therapist checking in on us.  I couldn’t believe it myself, but when I sat on my couch and thought about Miss A and what she has been up to lately, I actually said out loud….”She’s been really nice to me lately!”  With everything going on, I can now add to my list of things that are driving me crazy, a chronic cough and congestion, but I can almost positively take the chronically irrational toddler off that same list!  (knock on wood!)  We all have our moments here in the LK house, but we seem to have gotten into a routine that includes smiling and politeness and compromise!  I can’t express how nice it is to have fun instead of spending all our time in time-out!

This Valentine’s day, Miss A will spend having a party in school, while I am at the Dr getting a better look at this crazy cough.  Don’t be jealous!  I’ll be thinking about this smile all day long though 🙂

A on sled 2


Mister LK will be at work and he probably won’t even remember it is the hallmark holiday until he reads this!  But we love him & hope he’s having a great day!

A on Daddy 1


I hope the moody toddler part was the phase, and this happy girl is the more permanent version of my girl!  I’m sure she’s hoping the same thing about me!  It is really curious to think that at 8 months I have finally come out of my moodiness … when I’m the most uncomfortable I’ve been and I’ve been pretty sick and have I mentioned that I haven’t slept more than 3 hours in the last 3 days?!  I really hope I’m not jinxing myself here, and if I am, this post is coming down ASAP!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I hope you get to spend it with the one(s) you love!

Mommy &; A

Every Girl Deserves To Be Pampered…

It was 3 months since I’d gotten my hair done…and considering my genetic predisposition for grey hair, this was simply unacceptable.  So we loaded up the car with Miss A & Mr T & headed to Joseph & Co to do something about the situation on top of my head!

The whole way there Miss A was quizzing me on what we were going to do, and who was going to do it, and where this place was, and she was also insisting that not just Mommy gets her hair done, but Miss A should get her hair cut too.  If you’ve seen my photos you know that she’s rockin’ the pixie cut…without the cut!  There was a snowball’s chance in hell I was cutting her hair…but I promised we would see what we could do with her!

I don’t know why I don’t spend more time with Joseph & Co….they love my dog, they love my baby and they watch them, feed them, entertain them…all while taking care of me!  It’s the best!  This time, Miss A was very vocal about what she wanted…and they obliged!

“Mommy…I want my hair WASHED”

“Mommy…I want my nails done”

“Mommy…I want my hair DONE”

Miss A’s reward for being the best behaved girl for almost 2 weeks straight….her day of pampering.  In my book…it was a very fair trade!!!


Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails…

I can’t wait to see what this boy is really made of!  He just keeps on getting cuter…

He’s got those little infant smiles that warm your heart…he’s got cheeks to die for and I don’t think they’ll shrink anytime soon since his appetite is ahhhhh-mazing.

Baby H came home on Friday.  Here is Florida they only keep you in the hospital 3 days after a c-section.  That seems like such a short amount of time to me!  I stayed for 5 days.  Auntie S has had lots of help at home so I think she’s doing great….and I know that Baby H is getting just as much attention, if not more at home than in the hospital…and he sure looks cute in his new duds!

And on Friday, Baby H finally got to meet his Auntie A!  This is her first time being an Auntie!!!  Very exciting 🙂

Sending a big Happy Birthday to another boy we love!

We hope you have an amazing day & that all of your wishes come true!

Lots of love today & everyday.


Boy Interrupted…

This week has been all about this tiny little angel boy, but I’d just like to sa that my little girl has been such a trooper.  She spent most of the time in the hospital & now she’s been at Auntie S’s house with a bunch of grown ups!  We just can’t make ourselves leave this little boy, so with all this attention being poured onto our new cousin, I was expecting A to act out.  Short of a few tantrums and some random acts of rebellion, I’m pretty shocked at how good she’s being.

First…she hid her diaper bag.  While Grandma had the car.  And she went and did this…(sorry future A, this is VERY embarrassing)

Anyone else’s kid refuse diapers, fully potty train for 2 weeks, then 100% refuse the potty and demand her diapers back???!!!  Oh…right…then go into the hospital room closet and take care of her private business while telling you to “leave me alone”?????

As I mentioned, she had hidden her diaper bag…making me think I was a bad mom & forgot it in the hotel…which was NOT true.  But we’re resourceful…and thankfully we have a brand new cousin who is a terrific sharer…

Note** Miss A wears a size 4 diaper.  Normally.  This is what a size 1 looks like on a size 4 tushie!

At this point I took A over to Grandpa & B’s hotel to spend a few hours getting some sun & sand…

The next time she was able to have some good old fashioned toddler fun was when our friend & H’s other big cousin EG came to play!  A big thanks to Uncle P for buying & blowing up the awesome hippo pool for us!

And because this blog is focused on a handsome little man who has been home from the hospital for a few days now…and I can’t get enough of him…here’s 1 for today!

Quotable Moments

If you know Miss A personally, than you already know she’s a really really great talker.  If you don’t know her or haven’t seen her in a while, you’d be pretty surprised how clear she speaks and even more shocked at what she says!  This girl is really funny!  Most of the time I have to hide my laughter because I don’t want her repeating some of the things she comes up with in public!

I think it is going to be fun to look back at this post with her when she’s older and see some of my favorite quotable moments from my 23 month old!

The day before seder #1 Passover 2012, April 5th, I was busy cooking in the kitchen and my hands were covered in food.  A asked me to put on Tangled in the living room, so I did. She kept coming into the kitchen asking me for more and more things.  I was frustrated…this conversation ensued…


A: “Mommy….Don’t freak out!”

M: “Excuse me, what did you say?”

A: “No freak ouuuuutttttt Mommy!”


The G family sent over a bounce house for A’s birthday gift.  A hasn’t really stopped bouncing since it arrived!  The morning of April 13th I helped her into the bounce house early in the morning, and went to my room to throw on some clean sweatpants…I was on the phone with Grandma and we hear….


M: ” how can I help you A?”

A: “Mommy take picture Dumbo, Pooh and A…NOW puhlease”


A’s Auntie S, Auntie H, and our friend ED are all pregnant…everyone keeps talking about the “baby in the belly”…proof that toddlers listen to everything you say and think everything is about them!  We were in the car on the way to play with PD on April 15th, we were listening to the radio and A interrupts me to say…

A: “Mommy…I surprise Daddy”

M: “Oh really A, what’s your surprise for Daddy?”

A:  “A baby in my belly!!!”

Oh yes A!  That would be a serious surprise for Daddy!  I will definitely stop watching 16 & Pregnant near A … immediately!


A in her crib morning of 4/17

“I want to PARTY!”

These are just a few examples of the funny things Miss A says daily…I think I will start to keep better track of some of them so I don’t forget.  These days are amazing….frustrating sometimes, but mostly, simply incredible!


“Don’t Freak Out Mom”…

Dear A,

This weekend was the start of Passover 2012.  The highlight of this holiday so far is when you told me “Don’t freak out Mom” while I was about to freak out!  I’m not sure how you knew what “freak out” was…since I never ever ever freak out on you….HAHAHAHAHA….but it made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t help but wash my hands of the salmon, pick you up & kiss your freakin’ face!

You are almost 2.  That is insane.  I don’t think I’ll be able to handle your birthday.  You are such a big girl now & as much as 2 years old terrifies me, you seem a little bit happier these days!  Except for dance class.  You still cry every class.  I’m pretty certain you don’t like the structure and the teacher telling you what to do.  It might be torture, but you have friends there, and so do I, so I will keep taking you!  You’re also a really great dancer, and maybe if we can get you there and learning, you can show everyone how talented you are at it!  They already know how talented you are at the crying!

There are new little brothers in dance class now too!  That helps you pay attention to nothing dance related as you want to make sure no one else is crying and getting any extra attention!!!

You also told me that you want a brother…again making me laugh hysterically!

If you have snacks in class, you will sometimes behave…if you have snacks and a musical instrument…I can get some quiet for about 5 minutes.

There are lots of adorable little girls in your class, and we do have some fun each week!  You like when we can twirl together and you also still love the balance beam & hoola hoops.  I think we’re going to try gymnastics soon because you love to jump and flip and you are very coordinated.  Dance however, isn’t going away any time soon…how could it, look at this tushy in a tutu!!!!!!!

I love you Miss A.  Please stop getting so big!

And also – I will freak out if I want to.  But if you tell me not to again, I’ll give you a cookie!

A And Her Dinosaur Tree…

A has a really amazing imagination.  She walks around all day singing and dancing to the music in her head.  She’s constantly having conversations about something with her stuffed toys and she’s always laughing at something!

The other day we were enjoying the weather on our front lawn and she was playing catch with me…

She was so happy!

She was on the hunt…

She was a little nervous…

She found something!!!!

Everyone…meet A’s neighbor…her dinosaur!

She was completely convinced that this was a dinosaur.  She kept saying “Mommy Mommy…look dinosaur!!!” It was so freakin’ adorable.  She wouldn’t touch it until I did…and when she did she said “Nice dinosaur!”  They are now friends 🙂