“Don’t Freak Out Mom”…

Dear A,

This weekend was the start of Passover 2012.  The highlight of this holiday so far is when you told me “Don’t freak out Mom” while I was about to freak out!  I’m not sure how you knew what “freak out” was…since I never ever ever freak out on you….HAHAHAHAHA….but it made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t help but wash my hands of the salmon, pick you up & kiss your freakin’ face!

You are almost 2.  That is insane.  I don’t think I’ll be able to handle your birthday.  You are such a big girl now & as much as 2 years old terrifies me, you seem a little bit happier these days!  Except for dance class.  You still cry every class.  I’m pretty certain you don’t like the structure and the teacher telling you what to do.  It might be torture, but you have friends there, and so do I, so I will keep taking you!  You’re also a really great dancer, and maybe if we can get you there and learning, you can show everyone how talented you are at it!  They already know how talented you are at the crying!

There are new little brothers in dance class now too!  That helps you pay attention to nothing dance related as you want to make sure no one else is crying and getting any extra attention!!!

You also told me that you want a brother…again making me laugh hysterically!

If you have snacks in class, you will sometimes behave…if you have snacks and a musical instrument…I can get some quiet for about 5 minutes.

There are lots of adorable little girls in your class, and we do have some fun each week!  You like when we can twirl together and you also still love the balance beam & hoola hoops.  I think we’re going to try gymnastics soon because you love to jump and flip and you are very coordinated.  Dance however, isn’t going away any time soon…how could it, look at this tushy in a tutu!!!!!!!

I love you Miss A.  Please stop getting so big!

And also – I will freak out if I want to.  But if you tell me not to again, I’ll give you a cookie!

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