We Survived 1 Month!

Our baby boy is 1 month old today.

He is still eating 4oz every 3 hours…except at night when he is getting his long stretch from about 9pm until 2am, and 2:30am to 6am.  Other than that, he’s an angel.  He whimpers when he’s hungry, and if you take too long he’ll work out his lungs and really let you know…but other than that and a little whimpering when he’s got a dirty diaper…he’s pretty quiet.  His favorite time of day is bath time.  He’s getting bigger and bigger every day.  He was 10lbs 4oz at his last Dr visit at 3 weeks old, and I’d be pretty surprised if he isn’t at least 1lb more now!


We are all shocked at how quickly this month flew by….even Baby D!

Surprised at 1 Month


Wishing time would slow down a little….We love you little man.


What I Had Been Missing…

Saturday I turned 33.  I always love my birthday, but its so much better to turn a year older when you have a newborn.  It’s even better than that to turn a year older when you have a newborn with a nurse at home watching that newborn & a Mom who is watching your toddler so that you can go out to dinner with your Mister!  Thanks Nurse C & Grandma!!!!

Mister LK took me out to a fancy dinner at Park Avenue Spring.  It was very delish.  I am NEVER the one to take pictures of my food, however, when you have been pregnant for 10 months, get to go out to dinner and order everything you haven’t been able to eat in the appetizer course…that is something to be remembered!

photo (45)

Check it…Raw tuna, raw honey, blue cheese & the real deal caesar salad!



This pic was meant to be of Mister LK licking the plate (halibut with truffles & a brioche encrusted egg)….but my iphone was too slow 😉

This birthday was great…spent with people I love…followed by a baking party the next day for the little girl who makes life worth living…



33 is going to be a great year…I just know it!!!



Two Is Better Than One…and Three Is Better Than Two…

So I have been a mother to 2 kids for a little over 3 weeks now.  I’d like to say that this is a piece of cake…but clearly it is so easy because of my amazing nurse.  They’ll be a reassessment at a later date once she goes home…for now I’ll live in naive bliss!

Baby D,

You are an amazing little boy.  You love to eat, 4 oz every 3 hours!  You have been sleeping in 1 long stretch per night of anywhere between 5-6 hours which I would greatly appreciate if you continued that once Nurse C leaves.  kthx!  You love being on your belly.  Your favorite place to be is in the swing or in someone’s arms.  You love looking to the left!  You are super strong and super cute!  You are  a very tranquil baby and we only hear you grunt and moan when you have a dirty diaper.  You only scream (but WHAT a scream!) when you are ready to eat!  You smile at us and snuggle with us and we couldn’t be happier to have you in our family.  You are the best addition to this family since Miss A came along!

Baby D yawning

Baby D3

Baby D2


Miss A,

You, my little firecracker….you have been 3 years old for almost 2 weeks now.  I’m afraid to jinx anything, so I’ll wake the wood spirits & knock on some wood just in case!  You seem so much bigger now!  You are still your stubborn self, but most of the time you aren’t freaking out at the slightest hint of the word no!  You’re in a super silly mood most times and you like to torture us by using some weird language that sounds like animal noises!  You love checking on your brother and singing him lullabies.  You got your first real haircut and loved every second of it.  We had a little birthday gathering here at the house for you!  You played so nicely with all of your cousins!  You are so smart, and so sassy, and so so so amazingly loving.  You make my life better everyday.


Grandma & A with riding helmet

A in window of playhouse



I love these babies.  A, T & D watching TV