A Hurricane, A Tornado & Now An Earthquake at the LK House!

Last week Gramma had cousin S stay at her house all week!  That was pretty exciting for A & I because we haven’t really seen cousin S all summer, and Gramma brought her over for a play day with Miss A!  It was a great day.  These girls are so damn cute together.

We went out to lunch, had a dance party, watched a princess movie, had sushi dinner, took a bath & got ready for bed together.  When they left, my house looked like Hurricane A & Tornado S did massive damage!  Way more damage than the earthquake did yesterday!

Before we see the photos of the fun from our play day, I’d like to talk about yesterdays’ quake.  I know a lot of people are very shaken up, both literally & figuratively from it.  I also know that it was very mild here at my house.  For me…it was kind of fun & a little funny.  I really thought I was going crazy!  The floor wasn’t moving here, but the walls of the house were swaying back and forth.  I thought I was dizzy…but then I checked out the lampshades that were swaying, the plants, the tv, etc.  I went to call our friend E who lives around the corner to see if I was crazy, and the phone wasn’t really working.  The first person I spoke to was AG in NC and SHE FELT IT TOO!

I know it was not as strong here as it was in other places closer to the VA epicenter, however, I’m grateful that no one was hurt.  As we’ve seen out in Cali & down in Haiti & across the ocean in Japan.  Earthquakes can be tragic.  Here on the east coast of the US, we were all shaken…but not injured.  As people experience the aftershocks, I am going to appreciate the power of Mother Nature & this earth…try to respect her more & prepare for the real life hurricane Irene about to hit.  Here in Long Island we haven’t had a major hurricane since I was a little girl (same time we had the last little earthquake too), so I will pray that we don’t get hit with anything devastating or dangerous.

Now – check out OUR little natural disasters at work!

Lunchtime smiles with Gramma!



Dance Party!

They thought sitting here was so funny!

"I didn't push anyone!"

What mesmerizes S like this?!

A Princess of course!

(Auntie S2, please note S’s obsession with A’s kitchen you got her…loved by all!)


Cousinly love!

Relaxing with Gramma & some Sesame Street

A being a hair stylist!

Saying goodnight 🙂

What a great day!  We can’t wait to play with Cousin S & Cousin A2 again this weekend!!!




Connecticut Continued….

We left off yesterday with some photos of us on the boat.  The boat was great, and we all (except DR b/c she has a little baby in her belly & our Dr. told her she should stay away from lake water!) took a nice swim in the lake.  It was the first time I’d been in a lake since I was about 12!

After our swim…JR went waterskiing to show us how it’s done & then it was Mister LK’s turn & Auntie E….this was fantastic!  I will not waterski.  So that is why I am not photographed trying!

Mister LK getting ready...

now say ONE...but just the Wha part - b/c before the N part came this!

He tried 3 times….and each time got a little better….but he wanted Auntie E to get a turn before lunch!  (what a good heart!)

Auntie E hanging out in the skiis


Hmmm....I don't think we got to Wha here....maybe just W! Great tries though Auntie E!!!

They were great sports.  Not me.  I stayed on the boat!

After lunch…we met…

The real spider(wo)man!

Then Mister LK & DR went to the grocery market with AJ while A, TJ, Auntie E & I played in the living room!

A played on the chair....


She got thrown on the couch...

She tried to hide in the pillows...

When we were tired out - we had a little IPad time!

When you have no soapy bubbles, IPad bubbles will work for a while!

Dinner was great!  But that meant that our last day there was coming up…

It rained all morning but in the early afternoon we got some sun & spent the rest of the day at the pool!  It was fabulous!

AJ looking handsome with his bucket!

Seriously, TJ is one of the coolest kids I know!

Cool & Handsome - and he knows it too!

Look alikes...

All the kids waiting to catch some bubbles!

Our amazing host & hostess!

Thanks so much to the R’s for inviting us for a fantastic weekend!  We had such a great time as always & we can’t wait to see you all again soon!


A Great Weekend in CT!

Connecticut.  A far away land, rarely visited by South Shore Long Islanders was invaded by the LK Family last weekend!  Our very generous friends the R’s invited us up to their summer house for the weekend and we had a blast!  It was so relaxing and certainly one of the most beautiful houses I have ever been to!

I will let some of my photos tell the story of our trip!

Our first morning waking up in the isolation of this beautiful lake house.

Beautiful House...

Tito and I hanging on the dock during our morning walk...

Daddy & A walking down to the quiet lake.

walking back to the house for breakfast!

Even though the afternoon was a little overcast, we still enjoyed a great afternoon on the boat!

You know it's gonna be a great ride with A is driving!

A little nap on Mommy for the boys!

So cool!

Handsome TJ! He loves the camera!

AJ plays hard to get, but I got him!


This love affair went on all weekend!


There are a ton more photos of this weekend, so we’ll be breaking it up a little!  Tomorrow we will see Mister LK & Auntie E waterNOTskiing.  Wish I had video!

Move over Monet….Here comes Baby A!

Last week was a great week!  I don’t know if it is because A’s teeth are in, and no more are trying to poke through, or because I basically ditched all plans to do anything that I “needed” to do, and only did things she “wanted” to do…but I’m sticking with our routine of playing this summer!  It is more fun for her, and for me!

To me, summer meant camp.  My earliest memories of summer involve the beach with my Grandma, but since her Grandma lives too far away to take her to the beach every day…A’s first summer memories will include beach days with Mommy!  and next year – Camp!

I’m trying to create a “camp” at home for A.  My favorite part of camp was Arts and Crafts!  Here is what our first Art project looked like….

All set up!!!
A contemplating her work so far…
Painting in action
No limits….we use our whole bodies to paint!
Miss A had to check Mommy’s painting too….
She took a break to add some color to Auntie E’s license plate!
It is always good to see your work from different perspectives…
And….the Masterpiece!!!!! Genius!!!

This was a great success!!!!  The next time we tried this was with PD….and it became more of a body art session than anything else!  Still fun!!!