11 Months … Mommy’s crying

OK…the reason that I am finishing this post today is because I need to document his latest milestone & I can’t avoid it anymore!  This little boy said his first word today.  Grandma heard it so even though I’ve been hearing him say it for 2 weeks now, I was never able to believe I was actually hearing a baby say “YES” as his first word…but it happened!  Now…obviously he says dadada, and he says nanana for mama, but he doesn’t really use those words in context…more like babbling.  I’ve asked him questions and I could have swore he said “yes” (light on the Yeh…heavy on the Esssss).  Tonight, while on the phone with Grandma … I asked him a question and he answered “yESSS”.  Clearly.  More than once!

So enough about that…even though I’m freaking out about it all, he’s walking, he’s climbing, he’s 100% boy and 1000% the light of my life.


Even though I did catch him sitting in this photo, that just about never happens anymore!  He is walking all over the place!  I have found him on top of the table, standing on a chair, climbing his highchair, and climbing up onto the couch.  We have a playroom full of toys, and all he wants is a washcloth & the vacuum!  Are you still wondering why I love this kid like crazy?!?!  He’s funny, his smile is contagious & HE CLEANS!


I don’t know how my baby is turning 1 in just over a week.  I know that so much has happened since he’s come into this world, but it really feels like yesterday!  He also still looks like a baby to me which makes his walking around look so silly!


He’s an excellent eater, and when he isn’t cleaning his plate, he’s sharing nicely with his fur-brother.  They are still best friends.  He adores his big sister.  Miss A thinks he’s more and more fun each day.  When they laugh together, my heart melts.


He’s taking 2 naps a day, each 2 hours or so, and that really sucks the life out of my social calendar, but he’s such a good sleeper so I feel bad putting my need for human contact before his need to sleep & grow!  He’s given up 1 bottle a day, so he gets 3 8oz. bottles a day now, and that’s pretty good considering he’s got just over a week of bottles left altogether!  Bring on the straw cups & the milk!

For all of Baby D’s fans out there, a little forewarning that his 1 year post WILL be late.  I’m knee deep in party planning, hot glue, craft paper, and cupcake liners!  Once that is over I’ll be elbow deep in Matzoh & cleaning supplies so…the photo will be taken…and will be posted before he is 13 months….but I’ll be keeping busy to keep from crying a river into my keyboard, so, sorry in advance!

Baby D….I love you more every day.  You keep me laughing even when my days feel like they’ll never end.  Your sweet smile makes bad days good and makes good days better.  Your curiosity is inspiring.  You give me patience when I think I’ll never find it!  I am so thankful you are in my life my littlest love.  I am sad you’re growing up and so thankful that I get to watch you learn & flourish everyday.

Mommy & Daddy love you little boy.  More than you will ever know.