Auntie S2 and Embracing the Camera 9.30.10

Auntie S2.  We really love you!

Auntie S2 lives far away in the land of politics & the Pentagon.  That damn Pentagon interrupts our daily chat everyday.  Stupid.  That and AT&T…that sucks too.

We’ve known each other since about 1988…and we’ve been best friends since.  It all started with a thunder-storm and some Goobers, and in a whirlwind, I was borrowing her car sweater.  Really – a knit wool sweater with cars on it.  Why did our parents think sleep away camp was the place for knit wool sweaters?!  Anywho – from then on my mom was driving me for weekend play dates and sleepovers at S2’s house.

Even though we’ve never lived too close to one another, we’re like sisters.  She’s a great best friend and I feel very lucky to have her be an auntie to my A.  She handmade A’s first blankie and its beautiful, she came up to spend the weekend with us when we brought A home from the hospital, she talks me down from my ledge every time I feel overwhelmed, and in general she’s my lifesaver!

Since my brain has not returned to full functionality since A was in my belly, I completely forgot my camera when we had our most recent playdate with Auntie S2 and Uncle B, so my photos are out of date, but even without photos, this Auntie is a very special person and A is a lucky girl to have S2 to love her!

(oh yea – and she has a new pup Boo….who is freaking adorable….he’s a good boy (any boy poodle is a good boy if they so graciously let my T try to hump their head 🙂 )



Auntie S2

Auntie S2 with A at her baby naming! - how itty bitty she was!

Auntie S2 and me at our wedding

Boo AKA T's lover 😉

Auntie Sh…

Our pretty Auntie Sh!

Auntie Sh is our youngest Auntie.  She’s got great style, she’s a very talented writer and she’s really funny!  She has a flair for the dramatic which always keeps A and S laughing!  She taught me and daddy “big face, little face” which never fails to get a smile from A.  She co-thought Paris was in London, and wasn’t really sure what a Paralegal was…but we hope she knows that we laugh with her not at her!  Auntie Sh always sees the good in people, which is a quality that I really admire.  She also knows how to party…I’m not sure Daddy’s gonna think that’s a good thing but then again, he’s got crazy Uncle C to scare the boys away!

We love you Auntie Sh!

Auntie Sh @ our wedding

We couldn’t find any pictures of Auntie Sh with A b/c I never had my camera out and ready when they were playing…but we’ll get a good one and update the photo soon!

Auntie H…

Girls @ the Beach 1

Girls @ the Beach 2

Auntie H.  How we love you…let us count the ways…

Auntie H is my parent’s baby, but she was the first to get married and had my parent’s first grandchild…my niece S.  She’s another sister with beauty….and she thought Paris was in London, Utero was a third world country, and Jesus was older than King Tut.  Check out her hair…its really awesome right?!  She’s about ready to have our family’s 3rd baby any minute, and I can’t wait to cheer her on in the delivery room & I’m ready to curse out any nurse who gets on her nerves!  She has great taste and loves baby jackets.  She needs glasses, but for some reason I still let her drive me around!  We’re really looking forward to the new baby, although I’m pretty sure we’re not going to see Gramma for months now unless we go to her house!  A’s really looking forward to being off Cousin S’s radar of torture!

Auntie H is a great sister, aunt and friend and we love her very much.

Auntie S…

Today we’re introducing Auntie S.

Auntie S & Baby A

Auntie S lives in Florida with Uncle P.  They just got married and A was a flower girl.  We had a really great time!  Auntie S is my sister, and we’re only 13 months and 20 days apart.  My poor mother!  We got into lots of trouble together, but really Auntie S wasn’t as good at avoiding the trouble part as I was so she got in more trouble than me!  I got the brains, She got the body.  It happens.  She once thought tiny midgets flew toy airplanes.  Really though, she’s got a great body!  hehe.  She’s really great to baby A.  She strangely enjoys changing diapers, so we let her whenever she’s around.  She’s a great aunt, even from far away!

A little recognition for Uncle P here – he really cracks me up.  Especially when he pretends to know he’s jewish, uses big words that he doesn’t know the meaning of, drives like a true Floridian at 20 mph, and acts like a total girl.  Oh and don’t even try to reach him on the phone…he’s on the phone with his mommy.

We LOVE Auntie and Uncle Loveface!

Week of A’s Aunties…

She’s got 7.  E, S, H, Sh, S2, D & R.  (Yea – I’m one of those with best best friends who we call Aunts…don’t like it, too bad!)  This week, I’m making a post every day telling a little bit about why we love our Aunties and how lucky we are to have them love us so much!

Today’s Auntie is Auntie E.

Auntie E & Baby A

Auntie E is a very special person.  She’s really into music.  She’s really really into Kelly Clarkson.  She is not a 12-year-old girl.  I swear.  She also likes country music, other pop music and not rap.  We once danced on a bar together.  That was a sight.  She threatened to wear an Ursula/Bride of Chucky dress to my wedding.  That was more of a sight.  She bought a car in 30 minutes from a guy who thought we were a couple and baby A was ours.  We root for U of Michigan football every Saturday because of her.  A will be going to U of Michigan if we have any say in it 🙂

We love Auntie E b/c she’s really funny.  She lets us laugh at her KC following, and she lets us point out that A has better style than her (hehe).  She talks finance in German combined with Chinese and Swahili with Daddy, which gives me lots of time to think about our application to What Not to Wear.  She offered to babysit when I need some alone time, and I’m going to take her up on it.  I might install a nanny cam in her apartment to check in, but I’ll let her babysit!

Auntie E, we love you!


Not sassy snotty, actual snot.  Dripping like a leaky faucet from my beautiful baby’s nose.  Gurgling when she breathes and I can’t get her to cough up the phlegm.  Keeping Mommy and Daddy up all night.

I wouldn’t trade any of this for the world.

Snotty A playing on the computer with Mommy

Either would Daddy.  He actually gave up his Giants ticket for tomorrow to stay home with us, just in case A needs to go to the hospital for her chest to be listened to.  Daddy loves steak, and he loves his Giants, but he loves his baby A more.  I’m pretty sure he never thought he’d see the day…but if we’re calling a spade a spade here, she can probably play football better than those boys did last week!  (hehe – just kidding honey! love you)

Embrace the Camera Thursday 9.23.10

This week we are embracing the camera from Mommy’s hometown and hopefully, after about a million complications, soon to be A’s hometown too!  We enjoyed a beautiful day and atoned for our sins by walking both boardwalks and having some playtime with our friends J&G (how many sins can 1 5 month old have) – OH YEA, A turned 5 months old!  I’m actually freaking out about this, but I’ll pretend I’m cool.

A is now sitting up for longer stretches of time…like 30 seconds or even a minute here and there – WITHOUT the help of the bumbo!  She’s moving further and further with her rolling, which I’m really not thrilled about.  She has progressed to seriously eating her toes…like they are the most delicious thing she’s ever eaten.  I’ve smelled the similac – they probably are the best thing she’s ever tasted!  The most awesome development since last update is her “fishy kissy face”, which I discovered while strolling along and I heard this weird noise….then we were in the car and I heard it again, and I looked back at her, and she was sucking in her lips like a fish and making kissy noises!! So freaking cute.

With a little help from the self timer and a boardwalk bench, we were able to capture a pic of us on a beautiful day…

Atoning....and rooting for U of M - GO BLUE

10 years…feels like yesterday and a million years ago…

Its been 10 years since we lost you Gramma.  Every day you’re on my mind.  You’ve missed so many amazing things these past 10 years, and some crap ones too.  You taught me so many things about life, love, family, shopping…and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have had so many years with you.  You were my best friend.  Thanks to you, A had a ton of NB diapers, ointment, formula, blankets, and almost all other baby necessities.  Thanks to you, I have so many hospital towels I can do my own laundry once every 4 weeks.  Thanks to you, the man I married loves me just a little bit more ;)…and I love him a really really lot!  Thanks to you, I know how important the Grandma/Granddaughter bond is, and I think Mom knows that too!

A’s getting to the age where you would have just died over her.  Cousin S would have melted your heart.  All your great-grandchildren are amazing little people and would have loved you.  They will never truly know how it feels to have a million pairs of bloomers!

Everywhere I turn…there you are…I’ll never be able to thank you enough for all the wonderful memories.

S & A playing 🙂

A loves Will.I.Am :)

So, this came up in my blog reader today…so I played it while feeding A.  WOW, did A love this!  She cried every time it ended, even with the bottle in her mouth.  So I replayed it about 100 times and decided, it’s a pretty cool song!  So we’ll try to get it on the iPod to play in the car! (Would have come in handy last night when it took over 2 hours to get home from Gramma’s – stupid tornadoes…when the hell did tornadoes come to NYC???)  Anyway – enjoy the video!

Embrace the Camera Thursday 9.16.10

Good Thursday! A had a sleepover with her Gramma last night and Mommy has gotten a ton of stuff done AND slept in!!!

This week’s photo is from our trip this week to the Aquarium with Gramma, Auntie H and Cousin S. A loves the fishies…they mesmerize her and everything is funny around Cousin S 🙂

Hanging with the walrus

Happy Thursday everyone! Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos!