Embrace the Camera Thursday 9.02.10

Weekly update…little miss just had a little cold last week so she got her shots, which she really didn’t love!  She gained almost 3 lbs and grew a full 3 inches since her 2 month checkup, she’s now 14lbs 6oz and 26 inches!  She’s getting to be such a big girl!  The Dr. said she is very strong and Daddy and I think she’s a genius!  Other milestones, she has 2 new noises, and a lot more movement.  She made it about 4 feet today with no help from Mommy.

We spent the weekend playing in the country with family, we had a Mommy and Baby day at the mall and another one at the aquarium, where baby A loved watching all the fishies,sharks and turtles too, and we went to the pool with Gramma and cousin S.  We had a fun packed week and now we’re off to celebrate Labor Day weekend in Boston with our friends!

Mommy loves her baby!

Playing with the Giraffe