Auntie S…

Today we’re introducing Auntie S.

Auntie S & Baby A

Auntie S lives in Florida with Uncle P.  They just got married and A was a flower girl.  We had a really great time!  Auntie S is my sister, and we’re only 13 months and 20 days apart.  My poor mother!  We got into lots of trouble together, but really Auntie S wasn’t as good at avoiding the trouble part as I was so she got in more trouble than me!  I got the brains, She got the body.  It happens.  She once thought tiny midgets flew toy airplanes.  Really though, she’s got a great body!  hehe.  She’s really great to baby A.  She strangely enjoys changing diapers, so we let her whenever she’s around.  She’s a great aunt, even from far away!

A little recognition for Uncle P here – he really cracks me up.  Especially when he pretends to know he’s jewish, uses big words that he doesn’t know the meaning of, drives like a true Floridian at 20 mph, and acts like a total girl.  Oh and don’t even try to reach him on the phone…he’s on the phone with his mommy.

We LOVE Auntie and Uncle Loveface!