Embrace the Camera Thursday 9.23.10

This week we are embracing the camera from Mommy’s hometown and hopefully, after about a million complications, soon to be A’s hometown too!  We enjoyed a beautiful day and atoned for our sins by walking both boardwalks and having some playtime with our friends J&G (how many sins can 1 5 month old have) – OH YEA, A turned 5 months old!  I’m actually freaking out about this, but I’ll pretend I’m cool.

A is now sitting up for longer stretches of time…like 30 seconds or even a minute here and there – WITHOUT the help of the bumbo!  She’s moving further and further with her rolling, which I’m really not thrilled about.  She has progressed to seriously eating her toes…like they are the most delicious thing she’s ever eaten.  I’ve smelled the similac – they probably are the best thing she’s ever tasted!  The most awesome development since last update is her “fishy kissy face”, which I discovered while strolling along and I heard this weird noise….then we were in the car and I heard it again, and I looked back at her, and she was sucking in her lips like a fish and making kissy noises!! So freaking cute.

With a little help from the self timer and a boardwalk bench, we were able to capture a pic of us on a beautiful day…

Atoning....and rooting for U of M - GO BLUE