Auntie S2 and Embracing the Camera 9.30.10

Auntie S2.  We really love you!

Auntie S2 lives far away in the land of politics & the Pentagon.  That damn Pentagon interrupts our daily chat everyday.  Stupid.  That and AT&T…that sucks too.

We’ve known each other since about 1988…and we’ve been best friends since.  It all started with a thunder-storm and some Goobers, and in a whirlwind, I was borrowing her car sweater.  Really – a knit wool sweater with cars on it.  Why did our parents think sleep away camp was the place for knit wool sweaters?!  Anywho – from then on my mom was driving me for weekend play dates and sleepovers at S2’s house.

Even though we’ve never lived too close to one another, we’re like sisters.  She’s a great best friend and I feel very lucky to have her be an auntie to my A.  She handmade A’s first blankie and its beautiful, she came up to spend the weekend with us when we brought A home from the hospital, she talks me down from my ledge every time I feel overwhelmed, and in general she’s my lifesaver!

Since my brain has not returned to full functionality since A was in my belly, I completely forgot my camera when we had our most recent playdate with Auntie S2 and Uncle B, so my photos are out of date, but even without photos, this Auntie is a very special person and A is a lucky girl to have S2 to love her!

(oh yea – and she has a new pup Boo….who is freaking adorable….he’s a good boy (any boy poodle is a good boy if they so graciously let my T try to hump their head 🙂 )



Auntie S2

Auntie S2 with A at her baby naming! - how itty bitty she was!

Auntie S2 and me at our wedding

Boo AKA T's lover 😉

Auntie Sh…

Our pretty Auntie Sh!

Auntie Sh is our youngest Auntie.  She’s got great style, she’s a very talented writer and she’s really funny!  She has a flair for the dramatic which always keeps A and S laughing!  She taught me and daddy “big face, little face” which never fails to get a smile from A.  She co-thought Paris was in London, and wasn’t really sure what a Paralegal was…but we hope she knows that we laugh with her not at her!  Auntie Sh always sees the good in people, which is a quality that I really admire.  She also knows how to party…I’m not sure Daddy’s gonna think that’s a good thing but then again, he’s got crazy Uncle C to scare the boys away!

We love you Auntie Sh!

Auntie Sh @ our wedding

We couldn’t find any pictures of Auntie Sh with A b/c I never had my camera out and ready when they were playing…but we’ll get a good one and update the photo soon!