What a mess!

Here’s part of what’s been keeping us out of the blogging world the past few weeks.

Our new house!

I’m in love – even though its been a LOT of work so far, and it’s going to be A LOT more work…I don’t care…and as crazy as the old lady who wanted to sell/didn’t want to sell/wanted to sell/didn’t want to sell/refused to leave/finally sold, I’m crazier, and I’m never leaving!  A’s totally going to have to tie me up and drag me out!  She said she’s cool with that.

Here’s a before tour:

View 1: Dining Room

More Dining Room


ok, that’s the dining room.  Check out the SWEET paneling!  its gone now, but what’s NOT gone is the awesome ceiling with all those pretty highhats.  These people loved lights.  The only thing they loved more than lights, is light switches.  You can only see about half of the highhats in this photo, but there are 6 light switches.  Some work for the living room, some operate only 1 light, most we’ll never know what they do!  One thing I do know now is how freaking expensive highhat replacements are.  If we had to replace all of them in the house, I’d have to figure out how to breast feed 7 months later because we’d have no more money left for A’s food!

Living Room

Living Room facing foyer

This is the living room, as seen from the foyer.  Holy mirrors batman!  I love them.  They’re so 70’s and I’m going to channel Tim Gunn and make it work.  There’s certainly no hiding from yourself in this house!  Also, the floors were originally covered with a sexy white stained up carpet, but the other LK works very fast, and it was pulled up before I could pull out the camera!

Master Bedroom

Here’s the master bedroom.  All I can say is padded wall.  I don’t know who these people think they are, telling us we’re so crazy we need padded walls, but the biggest surprise came when we pulled down that padding.  There are 2 windows behind there!  Light!!  Some more fun can be seen where the old owners decorated AROUND their furniture.  I am pretty sure that any furniture they had, remained in place for 40 years.  You can see the outline of the dresser & nightstand that was wallpapered around!  Oh yea – and on the top left, there’s the start of the best closet system I could want in my house!  There are closets for EVERYTHING here!

A's room!

Moldy wall around the AC unit….now GONE!  A’s not going to know what to do with so much space!  Her room now is pretty tiny, and she never really gets to play in there.  I think I’m going to take some inspiration from future husband M’s room since A had such a great time playing in there last week!  Now where will I ever find a “dreidel dreidel” singing teddy bear and a yodeling sheep?!

A's Bathroom

Fun huh!!  This….has not changed! A gets to enjoy this pretty funky bathroom in all its 70’s glory for a while.  I think with a few trips to HomeGoods, I can make this more “fun” than “funny”.

Guest Room

Pretty pretty formica right?!  There was similar furniture in A’s room too.  These took an entire weekend to take apart and throw away.  Good thing our city has unlimited bulk pickup!  In this particular room there were 3 separate cabinets specially designed for a TV.  Why???  Oh yea, behind this, on the right side of the photo, they covered up another window!


More Kitchen

Oh my new old kitchen!  The first photo is a real before, the second is my start to priming!  We ordered new countertops and are going all white.  Thats right Auntie E – more of mommy taking the color out of A’s life.  I need a blank canvas before I can think about color!  The floors are staying and so are the appliances except the oven.  We’ll call them oldies but goodies!


One thought on “What a mess!

  1. Shot gun guest room and A’s bathroom!!! Can’t wait to see you guys and an in person version of the “after” photos once you’re all settled in!!!

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