Moved out…but not in

The move went well.  We loaded the POD & now almost all of our stuff is in our driveway at the new house waiting for us to move in next weekend.  For now, that leaves us with an Aerobed & a portable crib, eating on the floor…well…doing everything on the floor really.  Not so good for the changing a moving baby part, but we’re gettin’ creative!  By creative, I mean I can change her “in motion”.  Fun times.

Lots of new stuff going on, including how A is now 7 months but I’m posting about that when we’re staying by Gramma’s later this week!

A has a bad cough and has to be on a nebulizer.  THAT SUCKS.  She hates it and screams and kicks and I think she said “I hate you Mom” but it was unclear as I held the mask over her face.

She DOES say MAMA!!  So yea, she said Dada first, so what…she says Mama now and it melts me!  I know she has no idea what she’s doing and I DON’T CARE!  She’s getting very good at the imitation thing.  She’s pulling up on everything, which means she’s falling down everywhere, although she’s gotten much more sturdy on her feet in the last week.  Since we’ve pretty much moved everything out of the house, she has a lot of room to crawl around which she is loving.  She doesn’t have much to grab onto, but never fear, she grabs the walls and climbs up there!  I’m really excited we have no stairs in the new place, one less thing for me to think about!

A’s not really allowed in the new place yet, there’s lots of dust and debris everywhere, so here’s a photo of where she’s been spending most of her days lately!

I think we’re going to have to hide our keys soon….

In other news, her tooth is huge.  ok, not huge, but very sharp.  Since it started to come like 2 months ago, it sort of stopped progressing, and just stayed “almost there”…but yesterday, my pretty, cranky, hungry girl and I were keeping busy while we listened to the world’s longest window demonstration, and I put my hand to her face and SHE BIT ME!  With a sharp tooth!  Its crazy, and it freaks me out a little.

Off to load the car with more stuff and get moving before miss A gets up for the day.

7 month post next up.