Fishies and Horsies and Aunties…oh my!

So its been a busy few weeks, but not so long ago, Auntie S came to visit…and we had a big weekend with all the girls, the aquarium, Coney Island & more….here are some shots from the weekend!  Auntie S stayed at our house and baby A had the best time with her.  She was a HUGE help and it was nice to get to sleep in while someone else took care of changing and playing with her in the mornings!  Made me miss our nurse ALOT 🙂  Thanks Auntie S for all your help!


Cousin S is a Big Sis!!


A keeping herself occupied



Sleepover with Auntie S!



Enjoying the day at the Aquarium






Loving the horsies!


We hope to get down to Florida soon to visit Auntie S & Uncle P…