My Thoughts EXACTLY!!!!

Our great friend and A’s future MIL AG just posted this fantastic gem to her facebook & I thought that I would share it here for anyone who reads my blog.

I’ll warn you, there’s cursing in here, but I’m pretty real here on this blog, and today is one of the days I just feel like cursing a lot  little!

Good night!


New computer has arrived!  From China.  I feel so excited!!!

Now I have to upload all the new pics to the new machine and get my posts started!

Of course during the move my good camera lens broke, so my photos of the last few weeks of Ava are limited  b/c with my current lens I have to stand a good 100 yards away to get a shot that isn’t up her nose!  Ahh the zoom….

You will see new posts soon!!!!!

Coming soon…

New post with photos.

Updates to be had:

7 month photo plus update on 7 month accomplishments, 8 month photo plus 8 month accomplishments, lots of house photos, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Jewish Xmas, New Years photos…and tons more!

New Computer arriving very soon!!!!