Embrace the Camera Thursday 6.30.11

Here’s our ETC photo today…

I’m keeping this post short and sweet because little A is sleeping & I have a zillion things to do.  Like clean up after her.  and after me.  and after mister LK.

My goal of today is to get through it without jumping off a bridge!  I think that’s a good goal to have!  Mister LK is coming home early to help me.  He’s sort of the best.  Most of the time.

Needless to say, ETC couldn’t have come at a better time!  Perfect for making me remember the good days when A and Mommy get to run around, be silly and laugh all day!  Instead of “No A…, No A, No A, NO AAAAAA”!!!!

My silly girl!

Happy Birthday Auntie S!

On Friday it was Auntie S’s 30th Birthday!  She came up to NY and on Saturday we had a little party with the family at my dad’s house.  It was so nice to see her on her special day & A had the best time playing with her Aunties, Gramma, Grampa, cousins, etc etc….

Here are some highlights of the day!

A & Cousin S playing with the toy that Auntie S bought for A 🙂 Preparation for Gramma to take the girls to see the Winnie the Pooh movie!

Look who is soooo excited to be out of the house!!!!! Yay!!! Baby A2 makes an appearance!!!

Cousin S showing everyone how she swims!

A floating in the freezing water!

Little EG & KG - EG is the best 2 year old swimmer I've ever seen! She loves the water!!

EG being tossed in the air by Uncle P

Then it was A's turn! She told him to go higher....he was scared 🙂

Uncle P's mom brought the coolest bubbles for the kids...here's Mister LK showing Cousin S how it's done!

A blew her first bubble!

During lunchtime, A thought it wasn't fair that B didn't get to eat - so she did what she always does....feeds the doggie!

Ice cream time!!!

She ate this whole thing....

Except for the few licks she shared with Grampa

She was just casually eating her ice cream....nice way to relax after a swim 😉

Entertaining Grampa

Ice cream hug!

3 girls enjoying the ice cream!

Pretty Gramma....its anyone's guess what she finds so amusing!

Cake time!!!

What a family...

Birthday Girl & her hubs

Great weekend!

Now…A’s note to her Auntie S…

Dear Auntie S,

I hope you had the best birthday weekend ever.  I’m so happy you came to celebrate with us & that I got to spend so much time with you.  I had the best time swimming and especially going to the beach with you.  You are so much fun to play with and always bring me great presents!  I hope I get to come to Florida to see you soon!  I hope you have the best 30th year ever.  My mom says that it’s not so bad being 30!  I love you so much!!!!!!


Baby A

Restaurant Review – Duke Falcon’s Long Beach, NY

Sunday night, Auntie E and the LK family  went out for dinner!  A rarity when you have a cranky toddler who needs to go to bed, but we decided that since Auntie E was in London for 2 weeks, she should be treated to a nice American meal that didn’t consist of fish and chips!

We didn’t have a reservation, so they put us at a table in the back, which was FINE by me because I knew aforementioned cranky toddler would soon be too tired for dinner, and a table in the back would let us be as little a distraction to the other customers as possible!

The food was pretty good….and although they didn’t have many kid friendly options, we made it work for A.

We had some tuna tartare, some shrimp & crab dumplings and for dinner, 1 skirt steak, 1 gaucho steak and 1 lamb chops…all pretty good.  A had the broccoli and cheddar soup…here is what she thought of the meal!

MMMM cheese soup through a straw!

I don't wanna say byebye!!!!!!!

I’d go back.  I’d probably go back before 7pm so that A could eat and be somewhat normal…and we could eat slowly and not have to rush out of there so she didn’t break something!




Surviving Motherhood…

Motherhood is…Just like PMS.

You’re always cranky, something always hurts, you can always cry at the drop of a hat, you can’t remember Sh*t, the little things get to you in a big way, you just want to lay in bed with the blinds closed and no noise….

but what makes it different from PMS is this…

No matter what anyone says…g-d makes them this cute as a defense mechanism.  This is love like I’ve never known before.  No matter how crazy she drives me, I still love her more than life itself.  I might be bald from pulling all my hair out in frustration, I might be completely drained and can barely move at the end of each day, but nothing I’ve experienced in my life can compare to laying in the grass with this little girl running toward me, throwing herself in my lap laughing.  I credit my survival to my friends & family.  1 friend and loyal reader I’d like to mention today…

Our NC family…A, without our commiserating almost daily about how completely insane our children are, and laughing through the “how will we get through this” moments, without your patience of a saint that I aspire to, your ability to literally do anything and find the happy in it, your ability to see situations from perspectives I don’t have, your candidness, honesty & willingness to say the things I need to hear…I’m not sure I could be the mother I am.  I am so lucky that you married R.  I can’t imagine a more perfect person for my best friend.  He’s so lucky…and really, besides him, so am I!  I needed a mother friend like you….if only you lived closer!!!

Me & My Llama….

(or baby) Goin’ to the dentist todaaaayyyyyyyy!!!! (or Friday!)

I took A to the dentist on Friday!  My pediatrician said she’s got lots of teeth and that it was time to see a dentist!  I have a ridiculous fear of the dentist.  I don’t know where it comes from, but its a real fear that keeps me away from dentists for long periods of time.  I have never done recreational drugs before, but if they marketed Nitrous Oxide for the general public, I might sign up!  It’s the only way anyone could get me to the dentist as an adult!

**Actual conversation with the dentist as he walked in the door, before he sat down.  Me:  “My dad said to ask for the gas”  Dr:  “We don’t usually use gas for cleanings….who is your dad?”  Me:  “HK”  Dr:  “Uh-huh…I got it…nurse, please get her set up with the gas…thanks” (My dad is known for his love of the perception altering substances!)

My fear, I’m pretty sure, came from my childhood dentist.  He was Mean.  He never should have been treating children.  Where is a mommy to go when she needs to find a dentist for her baby, but is too scared to even go herself?!  This is like, when the mommy hates a food, and doesn’t give it to the baby…only there’s like a thousand other fruits for her to eat & she won’t miss eating mango!!!  Never going to the dentist is clearly not an option!  In comes 1-800 DENTIST.  Yup – I actually used them, and they were great!  Let me tell you the best part of their service.  They DO EVERYTHING…including calling the office and making your appointment!  (A step that paralyzed with fear mommies can’t do!)  Anywho – they set us up with an appointment for Friday and off we went.  He was GREAT!  Not that A needed much coaxing…as she screamed to climb into the dentist chair!!!

See my so so scared baby?!

"What's next Doc?!"

"Whaaaaatttt??? TV in this big giant comfy chair?!?! OK!"

"What's that big light for?!"

There was minimal crying….only really when the Dr. took the toothbrush away from her, and I even made myself an appointment!  I’m even thinking of keeping it!!! (I checked they give the gas for cleanings…)

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Dear Daddy,

Thank you for being the best Daddy a girl could ask for.  From the moment I was born you have loved me with all of your heart and I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my Daddy.  You are always happy to play with me, give me baths, feed me, rock me to sleep, and do anything I want really….You also make sure that I have everything I need, and lots of things I want.  I can’t wait to celebrate so many more Father’s Days with you!  You deserve a day for the world to celebrate you!

I love you more than anything in this world.  I hope your Daddy’s Day is perfect! (even though you’re pretty sore from cleaning up the yard yesterday!)

Hugs and lots of kissies!

Baby A

A & Daddy snuggling...about 5 days old

2 peas in a pod! 12 1/2 months


A special Happy Father’s Day to my dad…and ALL the other dad’s I know!  Specifically, Uncle B…its your 1st Father’s Day & I hope that you’re enjoying that tiny little girl!  She’s a lucky girl!

Welcome to the world Baby CJ!!!

This post has no pictures because I live to far away to take any right now.

Without more than a cellphone photo by txt message, I can tell that CJ is the most beautiful baby!  She is so tiny.  Half of what A was born at…that is crazy!  I can’t wait to meet her & snuggle with her & give her all the love that an Auntie should give a niece!

My best friend S2 is the most amazing and strong girl ever!  She told me last night, “I don’t care what anyone is saying…this kid is coming” and she was right!

I haven’t spoken to her yet since then, but I’ve heard she’s relaxing…exactly what she should be doing.

The LKs are sending the whole family love, kisses, hugs, and lots of sleep!  We love you more than you know miss CJ & welcome you into the world!!!

and to Auntie S2…words can’t describe how much we love you.  You’re a fantastic Auntie and this little girl is so incredibly lucky to have you as her mommy.

Now rest.  and call me.  really I’m going through withdrawal!

Summer fun …

Its been HOT here in NY.  Really hot.  I know I live less than 1/2 a mile to the beach, but with A’s naps & lunchtime & attention span, I think I’m going to try to stick around the yard…now that I have a yard (or 2)!

We got A this sand & water table the other day…she loves it!  She made herself all sandy…and my driveway…and me…and T.  She played in the water table with the boats & swam in her baby pool.  She even got T to come for a swim too!

Not gonna lie…I’m a bragger…my kids are the cutest.  Hands down.

Can we just check out T's smile!

T loves the sun.  He’s mexican through and through.  Now that its hot as hades outside, he can’t get enough of it & tries to get out every chance he gets.  In the winter, I’m lucky if he gets out of bed on his own!

Apparently…A loves the heat too!  Playing outside is doing this girl some good…we’ll be living outside all summer.  You can find me in the baby pool!

Embrace the Camera Thursday 6.9.11

Here we are @ Epcot!  

A has had a great time since she’s home from vacation!  Summer is really here – it’s very hot – and A is loving it!  She is a very good girl when we’re out and about & she’s been staying up way past her bedtime!  Thankfully she sleeps in!

The most amazing thing that has happened lately is that she is understanding everything I’m saying to her!  It was like magic…one day I was talking & watching my words go in one ear & out the other…the next day, I spoke…and I actually saw it register with her!  She did what I asked!  (please pick up the baby and bring it to Mommy).  This also works the other way, she hears the word “No” and realizes now that she isn’t going to get her way…she freaks out!

I’m reading a lot about temper tantrums and how to handle them.  I’m not sure I have any choice but to ignore them, which is just frustrating, but seems to be the most effective.  It’s also a little embarrassing in public, but either the people who are staring have kids and are empathizing, or don’t have kids but one day will….and they’ll think back and say…”wow…I get it”.

The one thing I’m having the most trouble with is aggression & hitting.  I am also going with the remove her from the situation & ignore it method, but it’s not really working as well.  She’s been hitting me or her Daddy, Gramma, Aunties etc.  Not other kids.  Yet.  I can tell she’s frustrated sometimes, but other times I think she’s just figuring out what she can do with her hands because she laughs.  I don’t.

Any ideas?!

I hope everyone has a great ETC day!