Embrace the Camera Thursday 6.9.11

Here we are @ Epcot!  

A has had a great time since she’s home from vacation!  Summer is really here – it’s very hot – and A is loving it!  She is a very good girl when we’re out and about & she’s been staying up way past her bedtime!  Thankfully she sleeps in!

The most amazing thing that has happened lately is that she is understanding everything I’m saying to her!  It was like magic…one day I was talking & watching my words go in one ear & out the other…the next day, I spoke…and I actually saw it register with her!  She did what I asked!  (please pick up the baby and bring it to Mommy).  This also works the other way, she hears the word “No” and realizes now that she isn’t going to get her way…she freaks out!

I’m reading a lot about temper tantrums and how to handle them.  I’m not sure I have any choice but to ignore them, which is just frustrating, but seems to be the most effective.  It’s also a little embarrassing in public, but either the people who are staring have kids and are empathizing, or don’t have kids but one day will….and they’ll think back and say…”wow…I get it”.

The one thing I’m having the most trouble with is aggression & hitting.  I am also going with the remove her from the situation & ignore it method, but it’s not really working as well.  She’s been hitting me or her Daddy, Gramma, Aunties etc.  Not other kids.  Yet.  I can tell she’s frustrated sometimes, but other times I think she’s just figuring out what she can do with her hands because she laughs.  I don’t.

Any ideas?!

I hope everyone has a great ETC day!