Welcome to the world Baby CJ!!!

This post has no pictures because I live to far away to take any right now.

Without more than a cellphone photo by txt message, I can tell that CJ is the most beautiful baby!  She is so tiny.  Half of what A was born at…that is crazy!  I can’t wait to meet her & snuggle with her & give her all the love that an Auntie should give a niece!

My best friend S2 is the most amazing and strong girl ever!  She told me last night, “I don’t care what anyone is saying…this kid is coming” and she was right!

I haven’t spoken to her yet since then, but I’ve heard she’s relaxing…exactly what she should be doing.

The LKs are sending the whole family love, kisses, hugs, and lots of sleep!  We love you more than you know miss CJ & welcome you into the world!!!

and to Auntie S2…words can’t describe how much we love you.  You’re a fantastic Auntie and this little girl is so incredibly lucky to have you as her mommy.

Now rest.  and call me.  really I’m going through withdrawal!