Me & My Llama….

(or baby) Goin’ to the dentist todaaaayyyyyyyy!!!! (or Friday!)

I took A to the dentist on Friday!  My pediatrician said she’s got lots of teeth and that it was time to see a dentist!  I have a ridiculous fear of the dentist.  I don’t know where it comes from, but its a real fear that keeps me away from dentists for long periods of time.  I have never done recreational drugs before, but if they marketed Nitrous Oxide for the general public, I might sign up!  It’s the only way anyone could get me to the dentist as an adult!

**Actual conversation with the dentist as he walked in the door, before he sat down.  Me:  “My dad said to ask for the gas”  Dr:  “We don’t usually use gas for cleanings….who is your dad?”  Me:  “HK”  Dr:  “Uh-huh…I got it…nurse, please get her set up with the gas…thanks” (My dad is known for his love of the perception altering substances!)

My fear, I’m pretty sure, came from my childhood dentist.  He was Mean.  He never should have been treating children.  Where is a mommy to go when she needs to find a dentist for her baby, but is too scared to even go herself?!  This is like, when the mommy hates a food, and doesn’t give it to the baby…only there’s like a thousand other fruits for her to eat & she won’t miss eating mango!!!  Never going to the dentist is clearly not an option!  In comes 1-800 DENTIST.  Yup – I actually used them, and they were great!  Let me tell you the best part of their service.  They DO EVERYTHING…including calling the office and making your appointment!  (A step that paralyzed with fear mommies can’t do!)  Anywho – they set us up with an appointment for Friday and off we went.  He was GREAT!  Not that A needed much coaxing…as she screamed to climb into the dentist chair!!!

See my so so scared baby?!

"What's next Doc?!"

"Whaaaaatttt??? TV in this big giant comfy chair?!?! OK!"

"What's that big light for?!"

There was minimal crying….only really when the Dr. took the toothbrush away from her, and I even made myself an appointment!  I’m even thinking of keeping it!!! (I checked they give the gas for cleanings…)