Restaurant Review – Duke Falcon’s Long Beach, NY

Sunday night, Auntie E and the LK family  went out for dinner!  A rarity when you have a cranky toddler who needs to go to bed, but we decided that since Auntie E was in London for 2 weeks, she should be treated to a nice American meal that didn’t consist of fish and chips!

We didn’t have a reservation, so they put us at a table in the back, which was FINE by me because I knew aforementioned cranky toddler would soon be too tired for dinner, and a table in the back would let us be as little a distraction to the other customers as possible!

The food was pretty good….and although they didn’t have many kid friendly options, we made it work for A.

We had some tuna tartare, some shrimp & crab dumplings and for dinner, 1 skirt steak, 1 gaucho steak and 1 lamb chops…all pretty good.  A had the broccoli and cheddar soup…here is what she thought of the meal!

MMMM cheese soup through a straw!

I don't wanna say byebye!!!!!!!

I’d go back.  I’d probably go back before 7pm so that A could eat and be somewhat normal…and we could eat slowly and not have to rush out of there so she didn’t break something!