Our backyard playground…

…is the beach.  True its not exactly in my backyard…I have trees in the actual yard, trees with bugs in them.  I grew up in Long Beach & Friday night was the definition of why I wanted to bring A back there to grow up.  Friday night, the girls were bored, and we went to the beach!  There was a cool breeze, some sun, lots of sand and A & her BFF PD!  It was PD’s first time on the sand & the girls loved it!

1st time on the beach!


We give lots of kisses!


America's Next Top Model (very short edition)


Guarding the snacks


They definitely ate a ton of sand….but they had a great time!  So did their Mommies. We’ll see how they like it Monday – Friday in the heat of the daytime!  Something tells me we’ll be there at night too!  Next time I’m bringing T…