Summer fun …

Its been HOT here in NY.  Really hot.  I know I live less than 1/2 a mile to the beach, but with A’s naps & lunchtime & attention span, I think I’m going to try to stick around the yard…now that I have a yard (or 2)!

We got A this sand & water table the other day…she loves it!  She made herself all sandy…and my driveway…and me…and T.  She played in the water table with the boats & swam in her baby pool.  She even got T to come for a swim too!

Not gonna lie…I’m a bragger…my kids are the cutest.  Hands down.

Can we just check out T's smile!

T loves the sun.  He’s mexican through and through.  Now that its hot as hades outside, he can’t get enough of it & tries to get out every chance he gets.  In the winter, I’m lucky if he gets out of bed on his own!

Apparently…A loves the heat too!  Playing outside is doing this girl some good…we’ll be living outside all summer.  You can find me in the baby pool!