Tiny Dancers….

It is no question that my little girl is equal parts Daddy & Mommy…masculine & feminine…leather & lace…you get my point.  She loves football, dirt & playing with balls (stop it…she’s a baby…)  But her girly side is coming through LOUD AND CLEAR!  She loves shoes, jewelry & DANCING!

We signed A up for her very first dance class!!!  She’s in the class with 2 friends, Miss SG & Miss IO.  There’s not too much cuter than these little girls in their tutus!

Here's Miss SG hydrating before class starts!

This is Miss IO showing off her accessories!

3 tutu tushies!

Pretty girls taking a rest!

She'll use anything as a necklace!

SG is the ultimate girly girl!

Looking all innocent!

Hoola Girl!

Takin' a break!

She's taking gymnastics next!

After dance stretching!


For now, this is more of a “play” class than any actual dancing, but I guess we can’t expect too much from 18 month olds!

Embrace the Camera Thursday 9.29.11

L’Shana Tova!  Happy New Year 🙂  I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and SWEET new year!

Speaking of sweet…my baby used to be sweet.  Then she got sick.  Now she’s a sourpuss.  all. the. time.  Her fever is gone (or was yesterday) and she has a rash covering her whole torso.  I thought this was roseola, but thanks to Grandma, now I don’t think that anymore!  She said the roseola rash is different…FABULOUS.  I love unidentified rashes on my baby that make her the exorcist…NOT.

Miss A got dressed for the holiday last night and we went over to Grandma’s house for Rosh Hashana dinner.  Special guests included Auntie E & Aunt D.  Before we left I tried to get some pretty pictures of my baby in her adorable outfit with a smile on her face.  FAIL.  Here’s how it went down…

Miss A hiding from the Momarazzi!

Oops! She caught you!

"Can I touch the light?????"


Miss A refusing to take a photo with her Mommy

She put herself in a time-out!

Finally!!!! I got her!!!!

Happy ETC everyone!

Happy Birthday AG!!!!

Dear AG,

I want to wish you a very happy birthday from all of us here at LKSquared.  Every single person, animal, lunatic that lives here can’t wait for you to live here too!  I hope that you get all of your wishes on your special day!  If you lived here we would make you a very special birthday cake, even though it would not be as pretty as any cake you’d make!

Thank you for being my mommy’s voice of reason & shoulder to lean on when no one else understands her.  Thank you for always listening to her whine about me & let out her frustrations of this stay at home mom thing!  If she didn’t have a friend like you, I’d probably be embarrassed to leave the house with her because she’d be bald from pulling out all of her hair!  Thank you most of all for being you!  You’re awesome!  I know we’re super lucky that my uncle R married you & brought you into our lives.  I’ll thank him one day by saying no to 1 expensive wedding item.  Maybe.

I hope this is your best year yet!

I had a talk with M before he left and told him to be nice to you on your birthday week.  I hear he let you sleep in today.  You’re welcome 😉

Love Always,

Miss A

We had the best visit with you & my future husband M.

What To Do When Your Toddler Acts Like A Newborn…


My poor angel was sick for the last few days.  The kind of sick we haven’t seen here before.  The kind of sick that I should have been more appreciative for!  This sick made my little nuthead a NEWBORN again!!!!

There were only 2 positions A was in all day…

Position 1

Position 2

She woke up at 9:45am…because I went in her room and woke her up.  Then she proceeded to sleep the day away on the couch.

We went to the Dr. who said it could be roseola (although her fever is very low grade), or viral…which is what they always say right?!  She’s got a runny nose & is sneezing a little, but other than that, she just slept.  Enough to make this Mommy worried a little bit.  She was up for about 2 hours total the whole day.  Then her Daddy came home & she got a burst of energy!  She played with him & rounded off her daily nutrition of chicken soup & teddy grahams with a slice of pizza…but before we could say she was feeling better, she climbed up on the couch & passed out!

She slept through the night pretty much & thankfully today she is feeling better.  She still has that low fever, and her nose is runny, but the crazy toddler A is back & the newborn sleepy girl has vanished.  I will miss that baby girl, with her head on my shoulder just sleeping the day away, but I’m happy to see my crazy little girl again!

Sweet Moments…

Here are some sweet moments between Miss A & Mr M this past week.

These 2 cuties had their share of pushing, pulling, screaming, etc….they are toddlers after all, but nothing was as good as the sweetness they both are…especially when they are together 🙂

We miss them so much already!

Embrace the Camera Thursday 9.22.11

We have had some visitors this week.  The kind of visitors that you wish lived here all the time!  Our friends the G Family are really the best.

We had a nice morning at the beach the other day when the weather cooperated and gave us some sunshine!

AG was able to get this photo of me and Miss A…she was eating goldfish…as usual!

Embrace the Camera people!






Made with Love…

I know that I’ve mentioned how awesome my Grandma was…but I have one more thing to show off!

One of her many talents was knitting.  She was a great knitter and always was making us sweaters!  The other day when we were visiting with my mom we pulled out the old bin with “Grandma” sweaters!  My mom packed them really well & everything was in perfect condition!  Check out A wearing the cardigan my Grandma made for me when I was a baby!

Keep your eyes out for more beautiful sweaters….I have heard the 80’s are BACK and these are the most authentic 80’s pieces there are!  Each one finished with a tag…”Made with Love by Grandma”


New Cousin Meetup…

We had a quick visit where A got to meet her newest cousin CJ.  We had fun!  Here are some shots from the night…A wanted mostly to tickle CJ’s feet & CJ’s Mommy & Daddy needed her to sleep a little so we don’t have too many shots of the little angel awake!

That is what happens when you have dinner with an infant of course!

Getting ready to go to meet CJ!

Mommies & their girls!

Miss A trying to sneak closer to CJ's toes!

Miss A giving Daddy a back rub!