Happy Birthday AG!!!!

Dear AG,

I want to wish you a very happy birthday from all of us here at LKSquared.  Every single person, animal, lunatic that lives here can’t wait for you to live here too!  I hope that you get all of your wishes on your special day!  If you lived here we would make you a very special birthday cake, even though it would not be as pretty as any cake you’d make!

Thank you for being my mommy’s voice of reason & shoulder to lean on when no one else understands her.  Thank you for always listening to her whine about me & let out her frustrations of this stay at home mom thing!  If she didn’t have a friend like you, I’d probably be embarrassed to leave the house with her because she’d be bald from pulling out all of her hair!  Thank you most of all for being you!  You’re awesome!  I know we’re super lucky that my uncle R married you & brought you into our lives.  I’ll thank him one day by saying no to 1 expensive wedding item.  Maybe.

I hope this is your best year yet!

I had a talk with M before he left and told him to be nice to you on your birthday week.  I hear he let you sleep in today.  You’re welcome 😉

Love Always,

Miss A

We had the best visit with you & my future husband M.