Missing My Best Friend…

I miss you every single day.  I can’t stand to think about all of the things you are missing.  Instead, I’ll hope you’re watching everything from way up high.  I am one of the lucky ones who got to have you in their life.  Even after 11 years, it still makes no sense that you aren’t here.

I hope you see what an amazing person Miss A is.

I hope A realizes one day how lucky she is to have a Grandma that is part you.  A Grandma that is her best friend.

Words can’t express the emptiness in my heart…only filled now by watching A with her Grandma.

I hope we make you proud up there!  I know I’m trying!

No More Pears…

Tree is down!

This took about 2 weeks, and as a reminder of what it was before…see here.

Mister LK has been hard at work taking apart that sucker and the yard is slowly showing it’s face again!

He has also been working elsewhere in our house…

He tells me the crawl space is immaculate.  I will never know, as over my dead body would be the only way I’d go down there!

Thanks Mister LK for all of your very hard work around our home.  We all appreciate it more than you know!