Remembering A’s 1st Evacuation!

I remember when hurricane Gloria hit Long Island back in the day…and I remember our evacuation.  We went to our family friends & my dad’s business partner.  They live in Woodmere & I guess were out of the “evacuation zone”, although in reality, they were about 15 minutes drive away!  I don’t think there’s any documentation of this family get-a-way, but for A’s first evacuation (and hopefully her last), I wanted to document how much fun we had hanging out at Auntie H’s house!

First we started with Daddy & Auntie E going to pick up dinner while A & I waited in Auntie E’s apartment….and this is how well that went…

She didn’t want me!  She wanted her DADDYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!


Then we went back to Auntie H’s house & took a bath & in the morning we played with Cousin S’s stuff.  She has the best stuff according to A!

"There's a CASTLE in this house Mommy!!!!"

"Hey Cousin S...there's a kitty cat in your house too!"

"Listen to my la la laaaaaaa"

"Daddy's turn!!!"

"How about you Mommy!!!???"

"Hey ready to head home?!?!"

So we left…but when we got home, as you know, we couldn’t stay home!  So we went to our friends house, put the girls to bed and got to drinkin’!  Since our friend RD makes “magic” wine, we woke up nice and hangover-free 🙂  All the trains were down so we had an extra day with Daddy home!

A took full advantage of this and got some story time in the morning!

All in all, it was a fun time…and now we’re just hoping the hurricane’s go back to sea where they belong!